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Theme and Learning Tracks

Envisioning the Future of Education and Technology

At Davenport we work to help our students "Get where the world is going" but how do we as educators know where OUR world of education is going? 

The 2014 Wynalda Teaching and Learning Institute will focus on sharing research, insights, and ideas on topics related to the future of higher education.  Together we can explore future directions for assessment strategies, emerging technologies in the classroom, alternative delivery methods (like VISL, accelerated courses, boot camps, flipped class, new technology “blends”), collaboration in the classroom, creative usages of technologies to support learning, as well as explorations of the shifting demographics and community shifts that impact our work as educators.  

As a presenter, consider starting with “This I envision” -- What do YOU think the future will bring?  How does your research, experience, and disciplinary expertise help inform future directions for our work as educators?  What challenges will we face in education and what ideas do you have for how to overcome them?  Come join the conversation and share your vision!

This theme has been further described in three learning tracks, each with its own area of focus connected to our future work in higher education:

Learning Track 1 - Inputs: Our future students

Learning Track 2 - Outputs: Our future graduates

Learning Track 3 - Environment:  Our future classroom