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2014 Breakouts B

Breakouts B - Thursday from 2:00- 3:00p.m.


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Davenport’s Excellence System Assessment Pilot: Measurable Competencies for Improved Teaching and Learning, Student Certification, and Workplace Success
Dr. Wayne Sneath, Dr. Irene Bembenista and Mike Carey, MBA

This session will present results from two years of the DU Excellence System Assessment Pilot with a focus on the next steps in institutionalizing this assessment as a part of student certification in the Excellence System competencies. Participants will learn about the process of standardized rubric construction, the work of course-level faculty and cross-college assessment teams, curricular changes resulting from pilot data, and the process of Excellence System certification in all DU academic programs.

Excellence System Assessment


Using YouTube in Blackboard
Al Gunther and Kathy Finkler
Rm 230c

YouTube is now available for your DU account!  Learn how to record YouTube videos, including screen captures, and include them in your Blackboard course shell using your Dmail account.


Blackboard New Features and Updates
Jeff Wiggerman and Kriss Ferluga
Rm 236c

Interested in learning more about new features and uses for Blackboard?  This informal, hands-on session will give participants the opportunity to get up to speed on the latest features of our learning management software.  NOTE:  This is NOT a Bb basics course but an intermediate session targeting more experienced users.


Bringing the Global Classroom to a Campus Near You
Marjolijn VanderVelde, Ph.D., Frank Novakowski, Ph.D., and Neil Shepard, Ph.D.

Each year less than 100 DU students participate in study abroad programs - that's approximately 1% of our students. In this session you'll learn about resources that you can use to bring a study abroad experience to the other 99% of our students, whether your classroom is in-seat or online.


Fostering Climates of Learning for Future Students
Dr. Betsy L. Diegel
Rm 213

Fostering a sense of inclusiveness is crucial to retaining students. It is everyone's responsibility to understand how to best meet the needs of current and future students so they will thrive in the collegiate learning environment. This session will require personal reflection on what you are doing in your traditional and online classrooms to promote or hinder retention, plus  learn new academic strategies to implore for future students.





How Did We Get Here? Understanding the Past to Help Shape the Future of Education
Suzanne Garman & Dr. Yvonne Alles
Rm 212

To understand the issues surrounding education today, we need to take a step back and look at how our current education system was formed. Only, when we know where we have been, can we create a new future. As we shift paradigms and look at the future of education, what influences from society, technology and other world concerns do we need to consider and how should they impact how we teach?

How did we get here?

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Making the Most of our 2014-15 Common Read
Dr. Jodi Hicks
Rm 207

The Common Read was initiated in 2012. The program has three goals: (a) enhance the academic climate, (b) provide a common intellectual experience, and (c) foster a sense of shared experience among DU students, faculty, staff, and the community. For 2014-15 “Just Don’t Fall” by Josh Sundquist was selected. Josh will virtually be present during the session, offering a chance for faculty to meet and converse with him prior to his arrival in October. 

Our not so common, common read



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Putting Fun into Fundamentals
Dr. Greg Wright
Rm 214

Research shows that we learn better when we have an emotional connection to what we are learning, and what better emotional connection can we make in a classroom than having fun? This session explores simple and straightforward ways to connect with your students by making your subject matter—regardless of discipline!—more fun for you and more fun for your students. Plus, I swear the session will be fun or triple your money back. 


The Flipped Classroom - Session I: Building the Basics
Karen Clark & Sharon E. Long
Rm 215

The premise behind the flipped classroom is student learn new content on their own time and then engage in active learning during class with the direct support of their instructor. During this first session we will introduce the flipped classroom, discuss pros and cons, provide example activities for you students, and share out experiences as first time flippers. 


Guaranteed Employment
Shelley Lowe

This presentation will provide faculty with an overview of the 2014 Employment Guarantee Accounting Program pilot that will begin this Fall of the 2014-15 academic year. This pilot is the precursor to DU's 2015 launch of the Employment Guarantee for all new students. In this seminar, faculty will learn about the process,  criteria for eligibility for benefits, the benefits of the program and the goals of the program in order to help faculty understand how this program will effect them.


Summon: a New Path to Research Discoveries
Emily Hayes and Katherine Gregg
Rm 222c

The library has a powerful new ally in engaging students to conduct research– SUMMON—a web scale discovery tool that allows users to search library resources with a single search box, easy to use interface and delivers relevant results in seconds. Come explore the library’s new way of searching and see how it can help you students find relevant sources in a format they are familiar with and be a new starting point for their research. Set to launch: Fall Semester 2014.


Faculty Day of Research Posters
Rm SC 1-3

View posters summarizing recent research completed by DU faculty. The display is available for the day on Thursday.  Researchers will be present for a poster session from 3:00 to 3:30 Thursday to answer questions and discuss their studies.

 Faculty Day of Research Power Point