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Faculty Day of Research


Based on faculty feedback, the annual Davenport University Faculty Research Day will continue to be held in conjunction with the Wynalda Teaching and Learning Institute (TLI).

Participating faculty will showcase research projects in a poster format and will also have opportunities to present research via "minute sessions" or roundtable conversations. 

To qualify for presentation and inclusion in the poster session, the research must have been completed within the past two years; or approved for publication or presentation at professional conferences during the current year. 

Faculty Research Day is an opportunity for participants to:

  • Share passion about their research
  • Discover possibilities for future research and collaboration
  • Encourage other faculty members to undertake research
  • Build their Vita
  • Gain professional recognition

 Application Guidelines

 The research must have been published or presented at a conference in 2015 or accepted for publication or presentation for 2016.

The electronic application must be completed no later than 5:00 p.m on (Insert date) . It is assumed that all applications will lead to poster presentations and possible "minute session" presentations, unless review of the application reveals that the research is not primary or other ethical issues are uncovered. In such cases, the applicant will be informed by (insert date)

  1. Be sure to include the names of any co-authors who worked with you on the project.
  2. All red asterisks on the electronic application indicate fields that must be filled in for submission to be completed.

Detailed informaiton on poster requirements and presentation process will be provided upon confirmation.

Questions?  Please contact Dr. Stephen Snyder, Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Poster Guidelines