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Pre-Conference Workshops

Wynalda Teaching and Learning Institute Pre-conference Workshops

The following pre-conference workshops are OPTIONAL professional development opportunities for Davenport University faculty and academic leaders.  

Online sessions:  These sessions are available to all faculty-- adjuncts &  full-time as well as academic leaders.  Pre-registration is requested but not required. 

In-seat sessions:  These sessions are currently available to full-time faculty and academic leaders.  Pre-registration is required for participation in all in-seat sessions.   Please register no later than July 15, 2015.

Register today to reserve your space in one of the following workshops.


Session 1:  DISC-- Understanding Your Behavioral Style  

(min of 12 participants required)

Full day session open to full-time faculty and academic leaders

Wednesday August 19 from 10:30-3:30 PM at Lettinga campus.  Room 205

In this session, participants discover their own behavioral style (DiSC), and learn how to identify, appreciate and adapt to the style of others. Employees will increase their ability to build productive, positive relationships that maximize performance and achieve excellence in service.  Strategies learned apply to both internal and external relationships.  All participants will complete and receive an individual Personal Profile System (DiSC) report. Pre-work is required and additional customized sessions are available based on interest and needs of individuals and teams. DiSC supports each of the DU Core Competencies.

  • Define behavioral style - Why is it important in relationship to serving students and collaborating with other team members?

  • Identify your behavioral style through the Personal Profile System (DiSC)

  • Understand the tendencies of your behavioral style and the tendencies of styles other than your own

  • Explore the communication strengths and liabilities of each style

  • Realize how behavioral style impacts perceptions within internal and external relationships and the ability to relate to others

  • Develop the ability to identify the behavioral style of others based on observations

  • Develop communication strategies based on behavioral style that meet the needs of other styles and creates productive relationships   

  • Create Plan of Action for next steps and follow-up

All participants will complete and receive an individual Personal Profile System (DiSC) report


Session 2:  Infographics, facilitated by Tim Pixley

(maximum of 15 participants)

 ½ day in-seat session open to all faculty and academic leaders

Wednesday August 19 from 1-4 PM at Lettinga campus, room 222c

 During this session, attendees will learn how to leverage existing and free (online and downloadable resources/programs) to build infographics which will enhance their ability to more effectively convey information visually and be more effective in “telling/sharing their story.”  The hands-on session will examine:

  • Brief history of infographics

  • How to “Think Visually” and when to use graphics

  • An overview of Statistical Ethics

  • The future of infographics-- Motion Infographics


Session 3: Effective Portfolio Construction for Advancement in Academic Rank, facilitated by David Gillespie

1- hour in-seat session open to all full-time faculty and academic leaders

Wednesday August 19 from 4-5 PM at Lettinga campus, room 204

This presentation is designed to be useful for full-time academic personnel who plan on applying for promotion as well as supervisors who provide guidance and support to those engaged in this process. The focus of this presentation will be on the effective construction of a portfolio when applying for promotion.  It is important to showcase your achievements when applying for rank.  Portfolio preparation will require thoughtful construction with an understanding of the rubric being used by the Promotion Board for consideration of each applicant.  This presentation will highlight several areas to consider when constructing your portfolio. The session will include time for questions from the audience.

 Session 4:   BbCollaborate Beyond VISL!, facilitated by Kriss Ferluga and Linda Hood 

ONLINE workshop for all faculty and academic leaders.  This session will be repeated twice, once in the morning and once in the afternoon of Wednesday August 19.

AM Session: 10-11:45 AM ONLINE only via Collaborate

PM Session: 3-4:45 PM ONLINE only via Collaborate

Do you want to "spice up" your in seat class? How about make your online class more interactive by using synchronous communication and activities? This session will be presented online using Blackboard Collaborate and will show you how to incorporate Bb Collaborate to make your classes more interactive and interesting. Even more important, it will show you how to connect with students on another level and improve understanding, engagement, and retention.

 Session 5: Encountering Cultural Differences in Writing, facilitated by Ying-Bei Wang, Ph.D. candidate at Bowling Green State University

Wednesday 12 noon to 1 PM ONLINE only via Collaborate

International students and students who are non-native speakers of English need help not just in correcting grammar and editing sentences but also in recognizing the patterns of English academic compositions.  In this session, participants will have the opportunity to talk with a graduate student from China about her first-hand experiences learning to write academic papers in English for US universities.  She will share the experiences and strategies she uses to help international students develop effective arguments and improve their writing.  She will also discuss ways to minimize plagiarism challenges, especially with writers who's primary language is not English.  The strategies include identifying their cultural backgrounds, showing them samples of English writing, and asking questions that force them to generate specific information.  


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