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Round 1 TLI talks

TLI talks:

     Round 1 -  Auditorium

          Study Abroad: Vacation or Vocation

By: Jim Gort

 Although most faculty know Davenport offers study abroad options, many are unaware of the details of the three-week abroad, faculty-led summer programs.  This presentation will provide details about the experience including duties and tasks of the faculty member, life changing experiences of students, and learning opportunities for students and faculty.

           Difficult Stories – from one crooked perspective

By: Colleen Coughlin

Inspired Teaching for an Intercultural World requires we, as teachers, recognize the myriad ways in which we are are diverse. One area of diversity currently capturing American attention is sexual orientation. The existing research is crystal clear – one of the best ways to understand and learn about the LBGTQ community is to know someone who belongs. One way to get to know someone is to learn the story … this session will be mine.

          Where Are You from? Supporting International Faculty at DU

By: Roque Neto & Megan Persons

Drawing from research conducted across the nation, this session examines best practices for supporting international faculty members at the university level. In addition to outlining the benefits of international professors and presenting the challenges faced by this transnational group, this talk presents recommendations to overcome the barriers many international educators experience. This session also emphasizes Davenport University’s role in supporting its own international faculty members. 


          Innovators Gonna 'vate

By: Brian Miller

 Come learn about innovative new approaches and technologies to support teaching and learning at Davenport.