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Round 2 TLI talks


TLI talks:

     Round 2 -  Auditorium

          How Euclid and Einstein and other Eggheads have messed up our culture and your Worldview

By: Tim Pennings

Euclid revolutionized the world when he asked, "How do we know this is true?" Gauss shocked the world when he proved that there was more than one truth - some of them really strange. Einstein made it a double whammy when he showed that our universe may be one of those strange alternate truths. Amazingly, all of this affects the way we think about politics and business, and even how we live our personal lives.       

Are you bored?

By: Linda Hood

We all strive to be inspired and inspiring teachers. One of the most frustrating aspects of teaching is looking out into a classroom and observing a sea of bored looks and disengaged body language. This session will take a look at the traditional classroom and why it often propagates boredom and will offer DU teacher-tested solutions that will lead to engagement, interest, and enthusiasm. Faculty will have an opportunity to share inspiring techniques.

Data Literacy for the Informatics Age 

By: Naim Saiti

Transition from the industrial to the informatics age has made huge impact on statistics, demanding different skills from workforce today. With the help of technology focus in teaching is on understanding ideas.
What defines statistics is use of sample to study population, which amounts to partial induction, which is unacceptable in science. However, by making sample representative of population, and being able to control the error, made statistical thinking prevalent in business and science today. 

          The 'Muni' of Communication in the Learning Environment

By: Chris Hamstra

“Great communication is as stimulating as coffee, and just as hard to sleep afterwards.” This quote summarizes the desire of many faculty members to create an inspired learning environment where everyone grows. Great communication – not just great presentation techniques – is an important and often overlooked connection found within inspired teaching. This Ted-style talk will briefly explore an understanding of communication and how this impacts the creation of sacred space through life-stories in the learning environment.


          Orientation to Graduation, making DU students STARS, building constellations

By: Jodi Hicks

Start, Stay, and Succeed. Orientation connects student with others and to DU. In addition, it is an opportunity for us to share expectations of students in the classroom. Information received at the beginning of their Davenport experience should be reinforced throughout all of their courses. This Ted talk will focus on the 5 key points of the Orientation presentation “Encouraging DU students to be STARS.”