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2016 Wynalda Teaching and Learning Institute (TLI):

Building a Professional Culture of Collaboration:  Faculty, Alumni and Community as Partners in the Learning Process

Call for Proposals open until April 17, 2016

This internal conference for Davenport University faculty is designed to be a collaborative, engaging, and supportive environment for faculty to come together to talk about teaching and their professional practices. Each year we also bring in outside speakers.

2016 Theme: Building a Professional Culture of Collaboration:  Faculty, Alumni and Community as Partners in the Learning Process



At Davenport, we prepare students to “Make a Living. Make a Life.  Make a Contribution.”  The 2016 Wynalda Teaching and Learning Institute celebrates Davenport University’s 150 the anniversary by recognizing the long-standing collaborations between Davenport faculty, employers and community leaders dedicated to student success.  

Specifically, this year’s event focuses on helping students bridge the gap between classroom learning, daily responsibilities in the workplace, and the personal/ professional resilience needed for long-term success.  DU faculty and academic leaders will explore how we model and provide for our students so that upon graduating from DU they have a richer, fuller life and are more thoughtful citizens, employees and leaders because of their DU education.

The conference planning committee invites proposals in the following core areas:

  • Case studies of courses/ learning activities that demonstrate multiple collaborations between DU faculty, students, alumni, communities, and professional leaders.  What is the framework for these collaborations?  What successes do they offer?  Challenges?
  • Resilience:  What do faculty and students need to persevere and succeed?  How can we help students build these characteristics and support each other as colleagues?
  • Strategies for helping students learn to collaborate more effectively.  Do you have great ideas for group projects?  What about building networking skills?  What emotional intelligence and technical skills are needed for collaboration in your professional area?  How does the DU Excellence System help support long-term student success? How do you help students develop these skills?
  • Classroom strategies to help students grow in the “make a contribution” portion of the DU motto (Make a living, Make a life, Make a contribution).  Share your activities, assignments, experiential learning, reflective writing, etc. that help students consider what it means to make a contribution as well as the value of doing so for themselves and others.
  • Teaching mini-lessons:  This year we invite faculty to present short (15 minute) interactive teaching demonstrations followed by a discussion of the approach.  
  • Strategies for staying connected to the professional realities of your field:  Consider co-presenting with colleague from the field.  What skills do they see lacking in new graduates?  What can faculty do to help students build these skills?

 The structure of this year’s event will include multiple types of interactions:

  • TLI Talks:  15 minute presentations
  • Hands-on work sessions with opportunities for presentation and in-depth discussion:  60 minute sessions
  • Lunchtime table talks:  Proposals being accepted for lunchtime table talk leaders
  • In addition, the schedule will also include conversations around how to implement the ideas that are presented with the goal of having more time together to reflect on and consider key topics from the event.  The conference planning committee is seeking discussion leaders for these collaborative sessions.  

Submit your proposal online via the TLI Call for Proposals Google Form.


Conference Location, Dates, and Logistics

Wynalda Teaching and Learning Institute (TLI) will be held Thursday August 25, 2016 in Grand Rapids, MI. Conference workshops and general sessions will convene on the W.A. Lettinga Campus. Lodging for faculty commuting from outside the Grand Rapids area will be provided at a local hotel.

All faculty, including adjuncts, distinguished adjuncts, full-time faculty and lab coordinators as well as full-time library, testing, and tutoring staff plus our academic leaders are invited to present and participate in this event, either in-person or virtually via web streaming and online resources.

We are working to increase adjunct participation in this event-- distinguished adjuncts and any adjunct who is presenting are invited to participate in the live event. Currently, all other adjuncts are invited to participate online via live streaming.

For those presenters and full-time faculty attending the in-person event in Grand Rapids, hotel rooms will be double occupancy and mileage will be reimbursed for groups of 3 traveling together from other campuses. Full information on these and other logistical details will be provided later during the registration process.

Please note that many of the conference sessions, including breakouts, will be Live Streamed and/ or recorded. By agreeing to present at this conference, you are agreeing that your session can be Live Streamed and/ or recorded for ongoing educational use by Davenport University students, faculty, staff, or community members.

This event is organized by the TLI Planning and Implementation Task Force, comprised of:

  • Alexander Israetel
  • Gina Mezzano
  • Irene Bembenista
  • Joe Lamontagne
  • John Niedzielski
  • Christine Douglass
  • Colleen Coughlin
  • Kim Garza
  • Kimber Cramer
  • Roque Neto
  • Karen McLaughlin
  • Karen Mosier
  • Katherine Gregg
  • Kriss Ferluga
  • Linda Hood
  • Lonnie Decker
  • Mary Etter
  • Misty Davis
  • Rebecca Ventura
  • Renita ElderRobinson
  • Sally Armstrong
  • Stephen Snyder
  • Tim Pixley
  • Timothy Pennings
  • Keri Dutkiewicz