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Please register to participate in the Wynalda Teaching and Learning Institute at Davenport University.  This internal conference is open to all members of Davenport's academic team.  There are two options for participation, depending on your current role.   

Option #1:  Participate ONLINE.  Adjunct faculty, part-time library and tutoring staff and other part-time academics are invited to join us via this option.  NOTE:  TLCs are welcome to participate virtually OR in-seat.  Registration is strongly recommended for the online event.  Why?  So you can be added to conference participants list in order to receive valuable information about conference logistics, programming, and opportunities for networking. Register today for the virtual conference! 
Option #2:  Participate in the LIVE event.  Full-time faculty, academic leaders, full-time library staff and TLCs are invited to participate in the live event.  Registration is now closed for the in-seat event.  If you wish to participate, please contact Keri Dutkiewicz at   
Note for TLCs:  You may choose to participate virtually or in the live event.  Davenport is not able to pay transportation costs unless you carpool with other faculty coming from a DU campus/ University Center.

Questions?  Contact Keri Dutkiewicz at