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Live Stream & Collaborate Sessions

We are excited to offer live streaming sessions at Wynalda TLI this year! While we would love to have all adjunct faculty in-person at TLI, offering live streaming is a way to include all members of our academic community.

To participate in the live streamed sessions below, simply click on the icon to the left of each schedule (or on the text below it) a few minutes before the session is scheduled to start. The live stream will begin a few minutes prior to the scheduled start time.

Wednesday Pre-conference

12-1 PM EST ONLINE Beyond Grammar and Format: Evaluating Student Writing with Gina Mezzano-Ostien.  
Do you struggle when evaluating student writing?  In this supportive, participant-focused session you will have opportunities to review sample rubrics for writing assignments and consider the different components that go into a successful paper.  Bring your questions and ideas to share!   Access online here via the “OPE Collaborate Room”.

1-2 PM  EST ONLINE Doing Research at DU with Steve Snyder and Lonnie Decker (plus Faculty Day of Research Presenters).  
This interactive session is an opportunity for you to learn how to get started with academic research at DU.  Get advice from other faculty, learn how the IRB is here to support you, and virtually connect with other faculty interested in research.  Bring your questions and ideas!  Access online here via the “Faculty Learning Collaborate Room”.

2-3 PM  EST ONLINE Google Docs and Forms with CSC.  
Did you know that with Google Drive you can create online forms and shared documents to support all kinds of instructional activities and learning objectives?  In this interactive online session, you will learn the basics of Google Drive including how to create documents, share them, organize them and how to build interactive online forms.   Access online via Google Hangout. NOTE: To participate, email Bryce Perry or Al Gunther and ask to be added to the Google Hangout for this session.

5-6  EST ONLINE Collaborate with Collaborate, hosted by Kriss Ferluga.  
In this hands-on online session, you will work in Blackboard Collaborate to better understand the instructional support capabilities of this real-time communications tool.  Collaborate can support in-seat as well as online classes.  Join this session to learn more. Access online here via the “Faculty Learning Collaborate Room”.

Thursday Event

9:30-11 AM EST Opening general session and keynote with Joseph Holtgreive - Access online via DU’s LiveStream

11:15-12:15 EST Breakouts

The Technology of the Flipped Classroom hosted by Joe LaMontagne

In this session, we will examine the technology involved in successfully flipping your classroom. Further discussion will focus on the hardware and software needed to flip the class. We will also demonstrate how to put all these pieces together for a successful video. Finally, while most feel that flipping the classroom means an all or none approach, we will consider ways that instructors can partially flip their classrooms.    Access online here via the “Faculty Learning Collaborate Room”.

Libguides:  Your Own Personal Teaching Assistant hosted by Emily Hayes, Tammy Stachowicz

In this presentation, we will show you how to use libguides to aid you in project based learning, guide discussion board activities, demonstrate homework and engage multiple learning styles. This session will show you how to organize your resources into a template that Emily Hayes, Global Campus Librarian, can transform into a professional immersion into the discipline of your choice. No longer will you need to hunt for handouts, run up against a ‘broken link’ or misplace a favorite research article- all of these will be at your fingertips, and your students.  Access online here via the “OPE Collaborate Room”.

Helping Our Students Excel: Why Academic Resiliency Matters hosted by Jennifer Bingman, OTD, OTR/L

Many people think of resiliency as the ability to “bounce back”; a ball that “bounces back” returns to the same place it started. Students with academic resiliency, who excel educationally despite all odds, are not “bouncing back”; they are bouncing forward, driven by perseverance and strength. If we are to support the mission of Davenport University, we must understand the importance of promoting academic resiliency in our students - how to help students “bounce forward.” Access online via DU’s LiveStream

 1:30-2:45 TLI Talks  Access online via DU’s LiveStream

3:30-5:00 PM Closing General Session and Announcements  Access online via DU’s LiveStream