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Carpooling and Mileage

TLI 2017 Approved Drivers

To receive reimbursement for driving a carpool to TLI, drivers must be listed on this document as approved by either your Department Chair or Campus ADC. Carpools should be groups of 3 or more whenever possible. Thank you for making the extra effort to use our budget wisely.

CAMPUS ADC and Dept Chair directions (add drivers to approved carpool driver list)

Please verify that the drivers listed below were driving a carpool by indicated the passengers riding with them. Expense reports will be sent to the designated drivers. Please remind drivers to follow current expense report directions to ensure your reimbursement is not taxable.

ADCs and Department Chairs can access the TLI 2017 Designated Driver Carpool List here.  If you need sharing rights, please contact Keri Dutkiewicz for access.