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TLI Inseat and Online Registration

Please register no later than June 1, 2017 to participate in this year's event.  

Inseat Registration 

Full-time faculty, academic staff, distinguished adjuncts*, TLCs (Teaching and Learning Coordinators), and lab coordinators should register for the in-seat event.

  • Click here for the inseat registration form.

*NOTE: If you are not clear if you are a distinguished adjunct, contact your academic supervisor. Receiving the distinguished adjunct designation is a competitive process but you may be eligible for nomination. 

Online Registration

Adjuncts should register for the online event. Distinguished adjuncts and TLCs who are not able to travel to the in-seat event should also register for the online event.

  • Click here for the online registration form.

OPEN TO EVERYONE:  ONLINE Professional Development-- 2 week Online Course Opportunity

Pre and post-conference, you will have the opportunity to apply to participate in a 2-week intensive online professional development course focused on the methodology presented in the in-seat workshops. The workshop title is "Promoting and Assessing Significant Learning" and it is offered to us through Optimize Learning in collaboration with Faculty2FacultyClaire Major's consulting practice.   The workshop will be offered at two different times:  July 25- August 9 or September 25-October 8.

This workshop takes you through all the steps required to promote and assess significant learning in an efficient, effective manner that is seamlessly integrated with your teaching. Using a course of your choice as the focus, you will receive individualized guidance as you construct a comprehensive course-level assessment plan that includes

1) Identifying significant learning goals 
2) Designing effective, pedagogically sound instructional activities
3) Developing a strategy for analyzing and reporting on learning outcomes in ways acceptable to a variety of stakeholders.

  • To apply, click HERE to access an online application form for this 2-week online course.

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