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TLI Committee

Thank you to our TLI Committee!

Many thanks to the members of the 2017 TLI Committee.  Your hard work, creativity, and dedication to supporting DU's culture of learning is greatly appreciated.  Anyone wishing to join this committee and help plan next year's event, please contact Keri Dutkiewicz at  We would love to have your contributions!

Alexander Israetel
Christine Douglass
Colleen Coughlin
Deb Schoenwether
Irene Bembenista
Joe Lamontagne
John Niedzielski
Karen McLaughlin
Karen Mosier
Karen Nelson
Keri Dutkiewicz
Kim Garza
Kimber Cramer
Lonnie Decker
Rebecca Ventura
Regina Pierce
Roque Neto
Sally Armstrong
Stephen Snyder
Timothy Pennings
Vivianne Moore