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Hotel Information

Conference Hotel Information:   

The TLI conference hotel will be the the Grand Rapids DoubleTree.  This hotel was selected based on to proximity to campus, participant feedback and competitive pricing.  

Davenport will continue to provide the benefit of hotel reimbursement for Distinguished Adjuncts and full-time academic faculty (including lab coordinators and TLCs) for the night of the conference (i.e. the evening after conference sessions and prior to Davenfest). Due to budget constraints, we are not able to reimburse adjuncts who do not hold the Distinguished Adjunct status for hotel rooms.

Participants in the Wynalda TLI conference are responsible for making their own TLI hotel room reservation.  This shift gives you the convenience of having your registration confirmation sent directly to you and allows you to directly manage any reservations changes or cancellations directly with the hotel.  We also hope it will eliminate any no-shows for reserved rooms, helping us make the most of our budget.   The Office of Performance Excellence will no longer be coordinating room reservations but if you have any questions about the hotel process we are here to assist.

If you are coming from a campus outside of Grand Rapids, your room will be a reimbursable expense, but you are responsible for making (and cancelling if needed) your own reservation.  For this year, DU will pay a maximum of $129.71 total for a double/ shared room (room rate of $119 plus fees) and up to $65 total for a single occupancy room for the night of the conference.  When you make your reservation, please be sure to indicate that Davenport is tax-exempt.  You will not be reimbursed for state taxes.

Since we are not having pre-conference workshops, we are not able to reimburse for lodging the night prior to TLI. 

For the 2019 event, we have contracted with the Doubletree Hotel of Grand Rapids to provide high-quality rooms close to campus at a significantly discounted rate of $129.71 total cost (including all fees).   Rooms must be reserved no later than July 1, 2019.  However, Davenport’s block of rooms at the discounted rate are available on a first-come, first-serve basis and may sell out prior to this date. You do not need to go through Activa to reserve a room at the conference hotel.  Make your reservation online at our customized Davenport booking page.

Change to post-TLI dinner:  Faculty staying overnight at the Doubletree will be provided with a meal voucher for eating at the hotel restaurant the evening after TLI.  Due to declining participation in the evening event and due to the longer networking picnic lunch integrated into the event, we are not offering a networking dinner this year. This new option also offers you the opportunity to eat at a time convenient for you.  So, grab a few colleagues staying at the hotel, choose a time to meet and head on down to Gander’s in the Doubletree to enjoy a nice meal together after TLI. 

If you prefer another hotel, you are welcome to book elsewhere. The maximum reimbursable amount for double / single rooms will still be in place regardless of which hotel you select.  You will be expected to ensure that you are not charged for state taxes.

We hope this shift will reduce unused rooms and help us be even more responsible stewards of the Wynalda endowment that fund this annual event.  In addition, this shift may reduce any confusion about reservations; you will have the confirmation and all other information about your room reservation.

To reserve a room at the conference hotel:

  1. Choose your DU roommate (or you may choose not to have a roommate, in which case you will need to pay approximately 50% of the room cost with your personal funds).
  2. Choose which person will make the reservation.  You should use a personal credit card NOT a p-card to reserve your room.
  3. Make your reservation online at the custom Davenport booking page or via phone (616-957-0100). You do not need to go through Activa to reserve a room at the conference hotel for TLI.
    1. Make sure you mention that you are with Davenport to receive the rate of $119 per person.  This is a significant savings off the published rate.
    2. On the reservation, make sure you list both people staying in the room so you can check-in independently and so your receipt clearly shows that you shared a room.
    3. When you check-in, remind the reception desk that you are with DU and that we are tax-exempt.  You may need to show your tax-exempt card (contact Accounts Payable if you need a tax-exempt card).  DU will pay a maximum of $129.71 total for a double/ shared room (room rate of $119 plus fees) and up to $65 for a single occupancy room.
    4. Upon check-out, make sure you get a copy of your receipt.  Reimbursement cannot be made without the hotel-issued detailed receipt.  
  4. Complete an expense report including a digital copy of your detailed receipt from the hotel for up to $65 per person.  
    1. In your expense report, list your roommate.  If no roommate is listed, you will only be reimbursed $65 maximum.
    2. The account number for hotel rooms is:  101 521 70312 77
    3. This expense report including receipt must be emailed to Keri Dutkiewicz ( within 30 days of the event.  Expenses submitted late may not be reimbursed.

Thank you for your help as we shift to this new process.