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2019 Wynalda TLI Theme: Building Bridges

The 2019 event will be held on Wednesday, August 14, 2018 from 8:45 AM to 5 PM EST.

Building Bridges:  What employers want and students need

Workplace cultures, technologies and attitudes continue to evolve.  To support our vision, the 2019 Wynalda Teaching and Learning Institute will focus on deepening understandings of employer needs so that we can better prepare students for long-term professional success.  What realities are students and employers facing in terms of emotional intelligence, mental health, financial well-being, and resilience that may not seem immediately relevant to their goals? How can we, as faculty, build bridges to help students connect with resources to support these wellness-focused life skills?  By providing an opportunity for in-depth dialogues between employers and faculty, this event will also build the connections needed for continued partnerships between the university and our community.

Davenport aspires to be renowned as a quality institution of higher education that understands the market better than any other institution. We strive to apply that understanding to our programs and teaching, preparing Davenport and its graduates to exceed employer expectations, transform communities, and change lives by believing that every person can achieve his or her dream.  – DU Vision