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2013 Wynalda TLI Expo

2013 Wynalda TLI Expo

The Expo will be on Thursday, Aug. 15 in Sneden Center Meeting Rooms 1, 2 and 3. Stop in for face-to-face time with exhibitors from 2:30 pm - 3:30 p.m. Want to know more about the expo? Head on over to our FAQs!

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion  

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council, one of many Inclusion initiatives at DU, advises the Executive Director of DEI in coordinating the university’s work toward multicultural competence, diversity, and inclusion at all DU campuses.


Innovative IR tools and Activity Insight As part of the Quality and Effectiveness division at DU, IR is an information and data analysis hub, which facilitates planning and decision-making in all areas of the University. IR is led by the Vice President of Institutional Research, Kathy Aboufadel, Ph.D. Website
Akademos, the new "Amazon" style online store   Website - Spirit Store
Website - Akademos
Alternative Spring Break   Website  
Universal Design for Learning   Website  
Diversify LGBT Group Diversify is a registered student organization whose mission is to provide a safe and supportive setting regardless of one's sexual orientation or gender identiy/expression. We also strive to be a place where students can meet and build new real lasting friendships. We educate and support our members as well as the University in regards to diverse gender identities and sexual orientations.

Website - Org Sync

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Career Services Internships The internship team is standing by, ready to partner with your students to make your teaching come alive in the world of work. Internship workshops held quarterly. Website
Library Services The Davenport University Libraries connect the DU community with the resources needed to excel in the knowledge-driven environment of the 21st century. Visit us in person at one of our nine campus locations. Website
Advancement   Website  
Diversity Field Trip   Website
Experiential Learning   Website  
DU Common Read and FYE   Website  
Military/Veteran Support Center   Website  
Study Abroad Programs Education abroad programs offer students opportunities to study or intern in another country and to earn credit towards their degress while doing so. Education abroad is designed to engage participants with other cultures beyond what is possible at a home campus. Faculty can become involved by proposing to lead a short-term program and exploring other teaching opportunities. Website - Study Abroad
Website - Fulbright
Institutional Review Board   Website  
Career Services   Website  
Jones and Bartlett Publishing   Website  
JOSTENS JOSTENS representatives will be at the expo and offereing a special sale and promotion for faculty Fine Quality Regalia (Save up to $300) and Masters or Ph.D. Regalia. Customs hoods will have the school colors from the institution that awarded the degree. There will also be degree color velvet trim. Website
Virtual In-Seat Learning   Website