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Breakout Session B

Teaching Creative Problem Solving and Critical Thinking Skills


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Wicked Games 
Kyle Whyte, PhD 

Wicked Games:  Interactive curricular games to build student skills in collaborative problem solving.  

Experiential Game Theoretical Pedagogy (Download)


From Slate Boards to Tablets
Suzanne Gut

Go green and make your grading easier!  This session will demonstrate how to save paper and printing costs, keep assignments organized, make students more accountable, and avoid lugging stacks of papers home by grading assignments with a stylus and your Android tablet or iPad. BYOT.


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How Textbook Prices & the Changing Market Directly Affect You (Akademos) 
Kirk Bodick, VP of Sales & Cara Dulaitis, Senior Regional Manager

You may think textbook costs don't directly impact you as faculty, but students are becoming increasingly disgruntled with the dysfunctional textbook industry & rising costs. Whether you personally select the course materials or not, this dissatisfaction directly impacts your student engagement. Further more, it is reported that 1 in 3 students don't even purchase required texts. Learn how to leverage new trends in textbook adoption and delivery to help reduce student anxiety about textbooks and improve their overall relationship with course materials. Additionally, learn  how Davenport's new partnership with Akademos' virtual bookstore and marketplace supports faculty and students in the face of rising course material costs. 

Akademos Presentation (Download)


Peering into Problems: Crowdsourcing Creative Solutions
Sally Armstrong; Dr. Julia VanderMolen

Solving problems and making decisions is a skill that can be learned and developed. The most successful people also have systematic processes in place to increase the likelihood of making an accurate decision… the first time. Through this fast-paced, highly interactive breakout session, participants will leave feeling empowered and more confident to work through issues that they face in the classroom at Davenport University. Through exercises like thinking gray and mind mapping, participants will model within the classroom how to collaboratively lead their classroom to solutions that everyone can own. This modeling behavior for students can then be carried directly over to the corporate environment upon graduation and/or entering the career field.

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Research This not That! Helping faculty and students evaluate research 
Charmayne Mulligan; Gina Mezzano; Susan Offenbecker

Faculty will be guided in developing problem-based assignments and improving students’ critical and creative thinking around use of secondary source materials. This interactive session will guide faculty in helping students choose and use a higher level of secondary research. Faculty will be introduced to an interactive rubric students can use to evaluate materials. They will also receive tips on helping students select, integrate, and cite source materials.

Research This Not That PowerPoint (Download)      Recipe for Creating Better Research Assignments (Download)   

The Appetizers of Research (Download)    Activity Two Handout (Download)   The Research Food Pyramid (Download)


Activity Insight 
Janet Maschke; Brian Moore

Do you ever wonder:  “What have I accomplished this year?” Don’t rely on your memory …rely on Activity Insight!  This resource is a very user-friendly database designed especially for faculty.   Bring a list of your activities and get started now in this hands-on session.  Discover tips on organizing the information, entering it in Activity Insight, and even walking away with an updated vita.

Activity Insight Presentation (Download)