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Breakout Session C

Innovative collaborations that enhance teaching practice and organizational effectiveness


Google Plus and Hangouts 

Are you familiar with Google Plus? It is Google’s latest social product.  Come for a tutorial of Google Plus and learn how it all works, including Google Hangout.


Using Audio/Visual Feedback to Promote Deeper Student Learning 
Melissa Lewis

The advent of classroom technology has given educators a powerful tool: the ability to provide feedback through multiple venues.  Not only can we share traditional written feedback with our students, we can also add audio and visual aspects that engage multiple learning styles.  Research has demonstrated that both online and in-seat students respond with greater engagement and, more importantly, greater understanding of instructor feedback, which leads to deeper learning and effective application of the feedback in future assignments.

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Using the “flipped classroom” to enhance student learning  
Dr. Karen Clark

Using a flipped classroom teaching method as an integrative learning format is an approach that extends beyond traditional academic boundaries. A flipped classroom learning experience combines traditional practices and e-learning. This presentation will explain how the flipped classroom was implemented on the Lettinga campus to demonstrate the basic lab techniques in the microbiology lab. This teaching method was well received by our students and can be easily adapted to enhance any discipline.

Should you flip? (Download)

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Put Away the Podium– Creating an energetic & collaborative classroom while having fun  
Susan Offenbecker; Sandra Welling

This is a session that will tweak your funny bone while learning new ways of interactive teaching in the classroom with exercises and activities incorporating the DU Excellence System. These tools can be added to your toolbox under active learning. You will find these methods work with both traditional and non-traditional students by engaging them in their own learning.

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Turn Ideas into Money—GRANTing Your Wish!
Michele Davis

Have you ever thought, “If I had a bigger budget, I could help DU and our students by …”? Learn how almost any idea can be turned into a winning grant proposal. Outreach programs, academic support, new or enhanced academic programs/courses, innovative research (clinical, applied, evaluative, etc.) and more can all be funded through grants. Let your imagination guide you, and learn how the Grant Development Office can help “GRANT your Wish!”

Grant Proposal Policies (Download)             Grant Proposal Worksheet (Download)