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Breakout Session D

Creating the life you want: Enhancing productivity and personal effectiveness as an educator

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8 Components of Critical Thinking 
Jim Gort

The eight components of critical thinking are: Perception, Assumption, Emotion, Language, Argument, Fallacy, Logic, Problem solving.  This session will introduce each component by providing a definition, giving examples, engaging in an activity, and suggesting ways to incorporate into your teaching and your student's learning.

Critical Thinking Presentation (Download)


Classroom Controversy– Taboo topics in the classroom 
Bob Clarkson

Discussing sensitive topics in the classroom can often be uncomfortable for faculty and students alike but may represent tremendous opportunities for student learning.  This is especially true when discussing diversity, cultural uniqueness, and taboo words and phrases.  Fully preparing students to operate in an international environment may require instructors to confront these thoughts, words and ideas.  This session will examine approaches instructors can take to bring about healthy discussion concerning these emotionally charged topics.

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Creative Problem Solving and Critical Thinking in the Classroom 
Daniel Rundhaug

Solving problems and making decisions is a skill that can be learned and developed. The most successful people also have systematic processes in place to increase the likelihood of making an accurate decision… the first time. Through this fast-paced, highly interactive breakout session, participants will leave feeling empowered and more confident to work through issues that they face in the classroom at Davenport University. Through exercises like thinking gray and mind mapping, participants will model within the classroom how to collaboratively lead their classroom to solutions that everyone can own. This modeling behavior for students can then be carried directly over to the corporate environment upon graduation and/or entering the career field.

Student Workbook (Download)        Creative Problem Solving PowerPoint (Download)


Preparing for Promotion: Timeline, Goals, and Application (Academic Rank Process/ Q&A)
Dr. Terri Tomaszek, Dr. Yvonne Alles, Joy Gianakura, Dr. David Gillespie, Dr. Margaret Mwenda

In 2012, the Promotions Board presented a TLI session focusing on making promotion policies and practices transparent.  With an emphasis on the philosophy of promotion, its processes, and the application of the policy and rubric to portfolios, the goal of the session was to demystify the promotion process.  In a follow-up, 2013 session, the Board develops a set of vignettes and role plays that will engage participants interactively with the process so that, by the end of the session, they will understand what a successful portfolio includes and how the policy, rubric, and portfolio are interrelated.  This session will be beneficial to both faculty who intend to apply for promotion and their supervisors who will provide them with guidance and support. 

Preparing for Promotion (Download)           Rank Rubric (Download)

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New template for Blackboard– hands on with Q&A 
John Wiggerman and Dr. Christine Wallace

Come learn about the new Blackboard template with Christine Wallace, Dean of Online.

New Template for Bb (Download)