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Breakout Session A

Inovative Use of Technology to Invigorate Learning


Innovative Techniques for Engaging and Retaining Students in the Learning Process
Mike Nicholas, MS MA; Brian Kowalczk MS 

In this instructor-led, hands-on session, participants will be exposed to a variety of creative and innovative technology to engage students within any classroom environment. We will examine, discuss, and demonstrate how educators can use a variety of technological resources to increase student interaction and engagement with lessons and training material from start to finish in the learning process. Focus will be given to best practices, known effective uses/examples, and any potential pitfalls and solutions.

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Best Practices in Education: Introduction to Design Thinking 
Grand Rapids Art Museum, created in collaboration with Design West Michigan - Christopher Bruce, School Programs Coordinator 

Collaborate with peers and a practicing graphic designer to investigate ways of using design thinking in the classroom.
Discover new ways to analyze works of art through the eyes of a designer.
Experiment and Prototype as you explore methods designers use to understand and engage their audience while solving real world problems.
Reinvigorate age-old teaching practices with cutting-edge pedagogy and instructional frameworks.

Design Thinking Introduction (Download)


Catch the Beat! - Simulation in the College of Health Professions
Kelli K. Leask, MSN RN; Amanda Binge, MSN RN; Shannon Krolikowski, BSN RN

The College of Health Professions utilizes simulation technology as an innovative approach to developing the necessary clinical reasoning and judgment skills our healthcare students require. In this session, participants will learn the various ways in which simulation is embedded into healthcare education as well as actively participate in "meeting" our simulators. The simulation experience will expose educators to the benefits of a highly experiential and contextual learning environment.

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Fostering Independent Learning in Students
Dr. Anne Cramer; Dr. Neil Shepard

It is a question virtually all educators ask of themselves at some point: How do I help to transform a seemingly passive student into a highly motivated, engaged and independent learner? While there is no simple solution, pedagogical research indicates that such a transformation in students is possible. This interactive session will explore a number of different perspectives that detail the best way to help students develop their independent learning skills.

Fostering Independent Learning Handout (Download)    Fostering Independent Learning PPT (Download)

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Creating a new partnership between Academics and the Library
Jean Hanks; Dr. Thomas Lonergan

How do you view the roles of a University Library? Can librarians go beyond books and reference and actually help organize and consult on the design of instructional materials? Learn how Arts and Sciences uses DU Library staff to research, create, and organize a large set of instructional materials for refreshing math skills by effectively using the features of the LibGuide content management system. Participants will create a LibGuide shell during this presentation.

New Partnership PowerPoint (Download)


Google Plus and Hangouts

Are you familiar with Google Plus? It is Google’s latest social product. Come for a tutorial of Google Plus and learn how it all works, including Google Hangout.