Learn from your desk, apply it anywhere

1x/week. 1.5 hours. 3 weeks.

We’ve combined all the benefits of learning in a classroom setting with the convenience of remote access with our new Impact Series courses. The perfect training solution for professionals who want quality instructor led training, but want the flexibility to attend remotely.

This interactive online training series helps professionals improve essential workplace skills. Through virtual training discussions, videos, tools, and resources we provide an opportunity to enhance your everyday success. Presented by industry experts, Impact Series courses cover important topics such as emotional intelligence, business writing, influence, innovation, unconscious bias, and many more. Over three sessions you’ll gain insights into tools, techniques, and trends that can be immediately applied in the workplace.

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What makes this training unique

  • It’s easy. You can enjoy this training from the comfort of your own desk; the buzz of the coffee shop; anywhere you want.
  • It’s convenient. Grab your lunch and attend class from 12:00 - 1:30 p.m. once a week for three weeks.
  • It’s simple. Click a link to join the live presentation from a distinguished instructor. 
  • It’s interactive. We didn’t leave out the human touch; see your instructor and fellow peers with web camera technology.
  • It’s comprehensive. Expect all the amenities of an in-seat class, from visual aids like PowerPoint and a digital whiteboard, to group work and breakout discussions.

Learn about the courses

Emotional Intelligence: A Core Competency for Great Leaders 

Exceptional leaders come in many forms. Often, those who perform the highest are strong in emotional intelligence. Improve your ability to lead and manage others.

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Influencing at All Levels 

Leaders must influence up, down and across the organization. Learn the framework to gain support from key people in the organization. Leverage influence to achieve new levels of success and build a more committed team.

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Business Writing

We often give little thought to the quality of everyday communication in our workplace. However, business writing, when done well, improves your professionalism and makes you stand out at your job. This course will help you dress up your writing and ensure that you are always clear, professional and correct. 

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Building a More Respectful Workplace

Actions, words, and their impact on an inclusive environment. Gain tools to become aware of, and sensitive to, emotional reactions and expressions with issues around race, political divisions, and religious differences.

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The Coach Approach

Leaders who use coaching have more engaged employees motivated to do great work. Help teams thrive with a culture of empowerment and accountability. Develop your coach approach.

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Leading Innovation

Every team who hasn’t, can’t, or won’t innovate has a story about why the overused “i” word continues to elude them. Re-think how to re-organize your innovation strategy and processes.

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The Basics of Thinking LEAN

Lean thinking is a term used to describe the process of making business decisions in a lean way. Contribute to long term sustainable results for your organization with an understanding of the fundamental principles of lean that guide lean thinking in businesses today.

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Becoming a Stronger Ally: Addressing Individual and Systemic Inequities

The application of bias can reduce trust between team members, hinder performance and sustain inequitable systems. Take the next step from awareness to action. Become stronger allies for equity and inclusion within their organizations.  

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