Exceptional leaders come in many forms. Often, those who perform the highest are strong in emotional intelligence. Improve your ability to lead and manage others. Learn to make stable decisions and get results through effective communication by managing your emotions.

Become a leader that can leverage the ability to sense, understand, and apply the power of emotion.

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After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Regulate your emotions in times of tough decisions
  • Effectively communicate in ways that inspire and motivate
  • Tune in to non-verbal cues in ways that will elicit respect

Learn from your desk, apply it anywhere. The Impact Series offers the benefits of classroom learning with the convenience of remote access. Skip the travel time and tune in to quality, instructor-led professional development courses using your unique web link. Expect all the amenities of an in-seat class, from visual aids like a digital whiteboard to breakout sessions.

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