Meeting the needs of urban school districts, one educator at a time

The College of Urban Education (CUE) prepares and develops education practitioners in real-world settings to meet the educational demands of urban environments. Graduates demonstrate the skills to create holistic learning opportunities in urban settings that facilitate student success. CUE develops programs that are innovative and responsive to the needs of urban school districts.


The College of Urban Education envisions teachers, educational leaders, and systems that sustain equity, creativity, and opportunity for urban communities.

Master of Urban Education

This program prepares teachers to meet the educational demands of urban settings. The program emphasizes culturally sound teaching strategies in urban classrooms to foster student success. The coursework is complemented by clinical classroom observation, which allows faculty to provide immediate feedback on the skills that matter most in effective teaching. Davenport's program fosters community partnerships to help teachers develop the relationships conducive for effective teaching in urban environments.

Master of Urban Educational Leadership

The Master of Urban Educational Leadership (MUEL) is designed to prepare candidates to serve as high-performing transformative leaders within urban schools and districts. Created primarily for candidates pursuing the principalship and supervisory positions, this 36 credit program is based on best practices, aligned to the national Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (PSEL) as well as the Michigan Standards for the Preparation of Central Office and Building Administrators. The MUEL program will provide an invigorating learning experience that synergistically combines rigorous academic work with on-going practiced-based learning experiences.