ADA - Accommodation Testing

Davenport University will provide reasonable accommodation(s) upon request to ensure equal access to University educational services and activities in the most integrated setting appropriate to the individual’s needs.  It is the responsibility of the students to make their disability status and subsequent need for an accommodation known to the Testing Coordinators.  Reasonable accommodations do not guarantee success but do guarantee access.

To receive individualized disability testing accommodations through Davenport, students must register with the Student Access Coordinator at their home campus.

Students with disabilities who need academic testing accommodations while attending Davenport University will receive reasonable accommodations to meet their individual needs as well as advocacy assistance on disability-related issues. The Testing department at DU is strongly committed to maintaining a testing environment that is conducive to common testing accommodations of:

  • Extended time on quizzes, tests, or exams
  • Low distraction testing environment
  • Test Reader or Scribe
  • Use of Assistive Technology

Request an Appointment at least 48 hours in advance to ensure availability and timely implementation of academic testing accommodations.