Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What are some advantages to living on campus?

  • Convenience - Students who live on campus enjoy being close to classes, programs, and events sponsored by the University, without the hassle of long commutes. Also, a short distance from your room to class means you can sleep in longer! 
  • One Payment - Instead of paying multiple bills for living off-campus, Davenport Housing and all the associated amenities are enveloped in one payment.
  • Support - Every residential community has student staff members and professional live-in staff who are available to assist you if you have questions or concerns!
  • Social - Living on campus is a great way to make new friends and get help in school from students in your classes.
  • Success - Living on campus removes a barrier to academic success. In fact, students who live on campus have higher GPAs. 

If I cancel my housing contract, will I get a refund?

If you are approved to get out of your housing contract, you will be charged on a pro-rated basis. You are not considered to be completely checked out of your room until all of the proper paperwork has been completed and all of your belongings are removed from your room. The housing deposit is forfeited if a student cancels their housing after June 1, 2024. In addition, the fee for a contract cancellation is $350.

Can I sign a one-semester housing contract?

The residence community housing contracts are for the full academic year.

Room Questions

What are the dimensions of my room?

South Hall bedrooms are 10' x 8'. Within this space, there is a 2.5' x 4' closet area. Windows are 3' x 5.5'. Cook & Meijer bedrooms are 10' x 12'. Panther Woods rooms vary per bedroom. Most bedrooms are about 10' x 18'.

How will I find out my room assignment and roommate?

Room assignments and roommate contact information will be sent through the Davenport e-mail throughout the summer. It is important to check your Davenport e-mail regularly since room placements and roommates are subject to change. Don't see it? Email with questions. 

Can I have a loft in my room?

You may have a university-provided loft in your bedroom at no cost. These are available on a first-come-first-served basis on your move-in day. The loft kit will allow you to raise your bed about 5 feet and create space underneath your bed for work or storage.

Can I have a private room?

Private rooms are available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

What furniture and appliances are available?

Please review the Housing Options for a list of hall-specific furniture and amenities!

Roommate Questions

How will you match me with a roommate?

A questionnaire is part of the application. Roommates are matched according to your responses. Students are allowed to request their roommates, but both students must put each other's student ID on their own application. Placements take place in early May, so make sure your questionnaire is updated before May 1.

What happens if I don't get along with my roommate?

First, talk with your roommate about whatever it is that is bothering you. Much of the time, problems can be worked out simply by communicating directly with them. If that doesn't work, speak with your RA or RLC and they can help you resolve the issue. At the beginning of the semester, it is important to be genuine and honest with your roommates when you fill out the roommate agreement with each other.

Amenities Questions

What type of laundry services are available?

All laundry across campus is free! Whether down the hall from your suite, or in your apartment, this is a fully provided service.

How will I receive packages on campus?

All mail and packages are routed through the Mail Center located on the lower level of the Sneden Center. Mail is sorted daily. Students will receive an e-mail letting them know that they have packages.

The on-campus address for all campus residents is as follows:

First and Last Name
Building and Number
6191 Kraft Ave SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49512

Parking and Transportation

Is transportation available?

The University provides a free shuttle for students which stops at the main campus, Panther Woods, and area stores. Click here to view the shuttle schedule.

Can I have a car on campus?

Cars can be registered with our Public Safety department. Parking is free for all residents, including all students who live in Housing. Click here to register for parking. 

Can I have a bicycle on campus?

Bicycles are allowed on campus but are required to stay outside in the provided bike racks.

Housing Policies

All Housing policies are located in the Housing Handbook. Questions about ESA's, quiet hours, expectations for the residence hall? We encourage all incoming students to fully read the handbook. Click here to view accommodation information.