COVID-19 updates

Davenport students, faculty, and staff are part of a shared community, and we are all learning how to manage the COVID virus. Thank you for checking out the Davenport University COVID-19 web pages for more information about current expectations. Davenport University remains interested in your health and safety in a way that entrusts you with the responsibility to manage any positive COVID diagnosis much as you would any other illness.

Guide your healthy interactions on campus in these new ways

Communication with the university

As with any illness, if your symptoms or medical guidance require you to be away from your class, athletic team or on-campus work, you are expected to be in communication with your faculty, coach and/or manager. You no longer need to report your positive COVID-19 diagnosis to the university. 


Davenport University recommends vaccinations to protect against COVID-19, Flu and other illnesses.

Protect yourself and others

  • Stay home if you are sick or in medical isolation protocol via a health provider
  • You are welcome to but not required to wear a mask
  • Contact your healthcare professional as needed
  • Practice appropriate healthy hygiene
  • Clean shared surfaces and equipment often


The COVID task force leadership and a standing Emergency Response Team (ERT) will continue to monitor COVID data and other contagious disease spread to assess if any adjustments are needed.

Additional resources

Student Wellness Center

Note for our students: If you need accommodations for ongoing issues, please contact Campus Life at

Note for our faculty and staff: If you need accommodations for ongoing issues, please contact Human Resources at