Building core knowledge for academic and professional success

Every DU degree begins here, with core classes from the College of Arts and Sciences. We build your knowledge base in math, humanities, English, social sciences, life sciences and languages as part of your complete program. The College also offers undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Biological Laboratory Science

A Bachelor of Science in Biological Laboratory Science will prepare students to work in a laboratory setting as a Research Associate or Technician. Such positions can be found in academic, industrial and government settings, and include biotechnology manufacturing companies that produce genetically engineered products like new vaccines, drugs or modified plants and animals for human consumption, university and medical research laboratories, government regulatory agencies and forensics laboratories.

Integrative Professional Studies - Social Work

The Bachelor of Applied Science Program in Integrative Professional Studies prepares students to complete 58 credits of courses taken from the Davenport University Colleges of Arts and Science, Business and Health Professions. The Davenport credits are transferred to Kuyper College where students complete an additional 66 credits leading to a nationally accredited Bachelor of Social Work degree conferred by Kuyper College. Upon completion of the Kuyper coursework, a Bachelor of Applied Science in Integrative Professional Studies is awarded from Davenport.

Data Analytics, MS

Data Analytics is used to analyze vast databases that must be examined using complex algorithms and artificial intelligence to identify previously unidentified useful sets of relationships and trends. All aspects of the business and medical communities, as well as government agencies and non-profit organizations, rely on data analytics, yet are hampered by a growing shortage of data analysts. Davenport’s 30 credit hour Master of Science in Data Analytics responds to this need. The degree is delivered jointly by the College of Arts and Sciences in partnership with the Colleges of Technology, Business and Health Professions. The program is online and prepares individuals to conduct sophisticated analysis of existing data and create new data systems and methodologies.