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Bachelor of Science – Biological Laboratory Science (120 credits)

Gain the strong foundation you need to launch your career as a laboratory scientist or to pursue a postgraduate degree in areas like science, biomedical research, biotech and pharma with the bachelor of science in biological laboratory science at Davenport University. Delivered on Davenport’s W.A. Lettinga Campus in Grand Rapids, along with some Online+ course offerings. What's more, you can take your biological laboratory science focus to the next level by becoming a STEM educator in Davenport's urban education program. By applying for the FUSE scholarship you may gain full ride tuition during your junior and senior years.  

You’ll graduate with a unique combination of lab science skills and soft skills, such as communication and teamwork, through this biomedical science degree program. You’ll learn lab science from expert faculty who bring a mix of academic and industry experience to the classroom from fields like biology, chemistry, pharmacy, chiropractic and environmental sciences.  

Already have an associate degree in biotechnology? Great! We’ll shorten your time to degree completion and put you on the fast-track to your career or post-undergraduate schooling.

Medical laboratory specialty 

This specialty will prepare you for roles in clinical settings where you will be analyzing biological samples to support the diagnosis and treatment of various health conditions. You'll gain a comprehensive skill set that includes technical laboratory science skills as well as essential soft skills such as communication and teamwork. If you have a passion for making a positive impact on the health care sector, this program is an excellent way to leverage your skills and knowledge to contribute to medical science and patient care. 

What is biological lab science?

Biological lab science involves researching, analyzing or producing medications, vaccines or other genetically modified products, such as plants or animals for human consumption. If you like to solve problems and want a hands-on science career, the laboratory science degree at Davenport may be ideal for you. You’ll be prepared to work as a laboratory scientist, research associate or technician in academic, industrial and government settings — or to go on to med school or other professional programs such as dentistry, veterinary, occupational therapy, physical therapy or even pharmacy school.

Explore laboratory science classes for Davenport’s BS biological laboratory science

Through the BS biological laboratory science program, you’ll build on Davenport’s core courses with laboratory science classes and labs in chemistry, organic chemistry and physics as well as courses specific to the laboratory science degree such as bioinformatics, laboratory techniques, cell biology, organisms, microbiology, genetics, science ethics and forensic science.

NEW medical laboratory science specialty recommended program sequence 

Which class should I take? When should I take it?

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Earn a 4+1 teaching certification to teach STEM in K-12 schools
of Davenport grads are employed within six months of graduation

Why study lab science at Davenport?

You’ll learn from Davenport’s expert faculty who have real-life experience in a wide range of areas, from biology and pharmacy to chiropractic and environmental science. Labs, simulations and internships are woven into the curriculum of the BS biological laboratory science so you graduate with real-world experience and practical knowledge. 

Experience the Davenport difference:

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One and only

Davenport’s laboratory science degree is the only one of its kind in Michigan and one of only a few in the country.  


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Get into med school

Davenport’s biomedical science degree program is great prep for med school, pharmacy school and other professional programs. 


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Become an expert problem-solver 

Through labs, simulations and internships you can apply what you learn to improve your problem-solving capabilities.   


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Hands-on practice

Serve as a supplemental instructor, present lab science research at conferences, act as a lab assistant and assist with research.  


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Career prep

Work in a range of science research labs, including biotech manufacturers of genetically engineered vaccines, drugs and more. 


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Fast-track your career 

Shorten your time to degree completion when you bring your associate degree in biotech to BS biological laboratory science.


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