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Student Access

Student Access

Student Access provides resources and support to empower students toward academic and social success in an inclusive and accessible environment.

How to Get the Help You Need

Davenport University is committed to serving all students with disabilities both in and out of the classroom. Davenport University is committed to analyzing the appropriate application of any and all auxiliary aids or services based on the individual needs of students on a case-by-case basis. Any student with a documented disability is eligible to request services through Student Access.  A Student Access Coordinator has been assigned at each campus.  Each student has the responsibility to notify his/her Student Access Coordinator should they seek accommodations with the University and complete all documentation to begin this process.  Once approved, individualized accommodation plans are developed for each student.  After receiving his/her individualized accommodation plan, each student is responsible for notifying his or her faculty member for each class in which they choose to utilize accommodations.

To receive assistance from Davenport Student Access:

  • Complete an Accommodations Request Form 
  • Complete Verification of Disabilities Form(s)
  • Email forms and supporting documentation to the Student Access Coordinator for your campus
  • Student Access will thoroughly and with great care review your forms and documentation
  • The Student Access Coordinator will meet with you to discuss any outstanding items and approval status
  • Once approved, you will be given a Provisional Accommodation Letter (PLA) that outlines all accommodations for which you are eligible.  Be signing the PLA, you acknowledge that you approve this accommodation plan
  • After signing the PLA, you will receive your Instructor's Documentation of Accommodation (IDA).  The IDA is an official document that outlines the individualized testing and classroom accommodations applicable to each individual student
  • Each student is responsible for distributing her/his IDA to each instructor - for every class and in every semester for which s/he wishes to receive accommodations 
  • Students should not contact faculty or request accommodations without providing an IDA to the instructor

You will be responsible for any costs associated with getting the supporting documentation about your condition. If you need help obtaining documentation or finding a local physician, contact the Student Access Coordinator for your campus.

If you have any questions, please visit our Student Access: FAQ or email Joseph Bishop at Please also review our flowchart on how students request accommodations at DU.

NOTE:  Paperwork should be submitted as efficiently as possible so that we have time to implement your accommodation(s), preferably, before classes start. The University is committed to reviewing all documentation and materials as quickly and thoroughly as possible in order to develop and implement an effective and individualized accommodations plan for each student.   Accommodations cannot be made retroactively.

If a student has a temporary condition and/or is in the process of collecting documentation, this should not prevent a student from requesting accommodations.   He/she may be eligible for temporary accommodations.   Please contact the Student Access Coordinator at your campus for further details.