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Graduate Certificate (12 credits)

Qualify for a new career or higher-paying role by taking just four graduate data analytics courses through Davenport University’s graduate data analytics certification. Take data analytics courses fully online through our Global Campus and complete your 12-credit data analytics certification in as little as one year. With no required prerequisite courses, you can save time and money by pursuing your data analytics online certification right now — even if you have no data career experience.

Highly credentialed Davenport faculty will share their data analyst expertise in your graduate data analytics courses, incorporating data analysis trends and issues. You’ll conduct data mining projects, generate data visualization products, build data dashboards and automate reports using industry standard software in this career-centered data analytics program.

Your Davenport data analytics online certification will set you up to continue on to Davenport’s master’s degree in data analytics. The course credits from your data analytics certification transfer to this advanced degree.

A quick path to the data analyst career you want

Earn your data analyst certificate in as little as a year and be on your way to the in-demand data analyst career you want — providing business, medical, governmental, nonprofit and other organizations the data-driven insights they need to make more informed decisions.

Data analysts examine vast databases using complex algorithms and artificial intelligence to identify useful sets of relationships and trends. In Davenport’s data analytics program, you’ll learn the essentials of the data analyst role, from foundational concepts to practical skills.

Explore classes for Davenport’s data analytics certification

Through the data analytics online certification, you’ll prepare to extract, organize and communicate insights from raw data by taking just four graduate data analytics courses. The data analytics online certification curriculum focuses on developing your proficiencies in areas that matter to employers, making you a more desirable candidate and more qualified for higher-paying data analyst roles.

Your data analyst certificate includes courses like data visualization and communication, which will prepare you to effectively deliver results of data analysis to non-technical audiences. The data mining course will give you hands-on practice with data mining extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) techniques. The R programming course will explore how this programming language is used to conduct high-level statistical analysis.

You can apply the credits you earn through the data analytics certification program to Davenport’s master’s program in data analytics. In addition, graduates of the data analytics graduate certificate and Master of Science in health informatics and information management programs will have covered topics of AHIMA's Certified Health Data Analyst (CHDA) exam – preparing you to ace it. 

Which class should I take? When should I take it?

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Earn your Davenport data analytics certification 100% online
Finish your Davenport data analytics online certification in 1 year

Why pursue graduate data analytics certification at Davenport?

Start right away earning certification credits, saving time and money in Davenport’s data analytics program. No prerequisite courses or data analytics background required. Take data analytics courses 100% online over 15 weeks through Davenport’s Global Campus, giving you the flexible schedule you need to earn your data analyst certificate while you continue working.

Experience the Davenport difference:

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Gain proficiency from the ground up

Start with data analyst foundational concepts and build on them with practical skills of data mining, language programming and more through Davenport’s graduate data analytics certificate.


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Faculty with data analyst expertise

Earn your data analytics online certificate with the help of highly credentialed instructors who are experienced data analysts and bring a real-world perspective to your data analytics courses.


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Online convenience and flexibility

Take data analytics courses 100% online through our Global Campus for the schedule flexibility you need to complete your data analytics certificate and achieve the data analyst career you want.


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Hands-on career preparation

Gain data analyst proficiencies the optimal way — through hands-on learning. In your data analytics courses, you’ll create analytical reports and dashboards, develop data mining techniques and more.


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Networking opportunities

Make valuable connections for your data analyst career through members and events of Davenport student organizations like the Association for Computing Machinery and Women in Technology.


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A head start on your master’s degree 

Get started down the path to an advanced degree by applying your data analytics certification credits to the Davenport master’s in data analytics, the largest program of its kind in Michigan.


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