No matter the organization, you are likely dealing with bias among your talent in one form or another. Consider that “nice” people and “good” people can still engage in hurtful behavior or ineffective practices. The application of bias can reduce trust between team members, hinder performance and sustain inequitable systems. Recognizing the impact of bias and developing strategies for minimizing the application of bias will help participants become stronger allies for equity and inclusion within their organizations.

Where do you start? This conversation is a good place. Take the next step from awareness to action.

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After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Differentiate between the activation and application of unconscious bias
  • Understand the ways in which bias leads to inequities at an individual and systemic level
  • Apply strategies to disrupt inequities and create greater inclusion for everyone

Skip the travel time and tune in to a quality, instructor-led, virtual course. Expect all the amenities of an in-seat class, from visual aids to breakout sessions. We look forward to seeing in class.

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