ELEVATE: Student experience

Davenport is committed to walking alongside students to ensure they have access to the programs and resources needed to realize their academic and professional goals. Three important ways we are working to accomplish this are: 

  1. Casa Latina – With a new approach to higher education, Davenport will support the Latino/a/x community by providing dual language degrees leading to high-demand careers

  2. First Generation Initiative – The university has launched custom programming and activities designed to support first-generation students to ensure they thrive in their first year in college and ultimately reach graduation. 

  3. Mental Health – The university is expanding academic programming to develop future professionals in these high-demand careers and offer additional on-site support and mental health services on its campuses.

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of Davenport students are first generation
Latino/a/x population is the fastest growing and least represented in higher education

Targeted student support

First Generation Initiative

Dr. Jodi Hicks, director of student transitions and academic readiness, couldn't be more passionate about seeing first-generation students succeed beyond their first year at college.  Learn how she designed the program to help students develop the skills needed to have a successful college experience.

Casa Latina

Carlos Sanchez, executive director of Casa Latina, is helping Davenport build this comprehensive bilingual program.

Mental Health

Darrin Oliver is the director of Davenport's wellness center and is leading Davenport's work to offer readily available counseling and education for students across all campuses.

Donor Spotlights

“We are both very proud Davenport University alumni. We are both the first in our families to go to college and graduate with a four-year degree. Our families were so supportive of us and encouraged us to follow our dreams for a better future. We met during our time at Davenport University, fell in love, and married over 20 years ago. Establishing a scholarship that supports first-gen students has been a dream of ours for a long time; we wanted to be able to give back to the community and help future first-generation students accomplish their dreams in life as we did.” – Kevin R. Tryon ‘98, Erin R. Tryon, CIA ‘98 | The Kevin and Erin Tryon First Generation Endowed Scholarship

“I was once a struggling student and someone helped me. At Davenport, we have both traditional and non-traditional students. Although everyone’s situation is different, we all need a little help at some point in life. Some returning adult students may be experiencing additional life concerns such as children, reduced work hours, etc. My donation is my small effort to help someone in need.” – Carol D. Moss RN, MSN, CDE Adjunct nursing instructor, Davenport University - Warren Campus

To support this important initiative visit davenport.edu/give-gift or reach out to us at advancement@davenport.edu or 616.233.3417.