Expanding Davenport's College of Urban Education

Davenport is focused on addressing the substantial gap in STEM education teachers in urban districts nationally by better recruiting and preparing teachers at the undergraduate level. We are utilizing our proven approach of offering a day-one coaching/mentoring model, utilizing data analytics in the classroom, and embedding culturally responsive teaching in every course.

1 in 5
Michigan teachers expect to change careers in the next two to three years
Nationwide teacher vacancies in February 2022

Anticipated outcomes

By better preparing and recruiting urban STEM education teachers at the undergraduate level, we expect the following outcomes for the urban districts and their K-12 students:

  • A decrease in both teacher and administration turnover rates
  • Diversification of the teacher pipeline
  • Substantial gains in student achievement in literacy, mathematics, and science
  • A decrease in chronic student absenteeism
  • An increase in graduation rates
  • An increase in quality engagement of families and communities

Transforming teaching practices

The College of Urban Education has transformed teaching practices through:

  1. Observational Coaching/Mentoring model – Students receive weekly observance, mentoring and coaching to reinforce and improve emerging skills
  2. Data analytics – Educators learn to collect and assess student data to produce a plan of instruction to meet specific student needs 
  3. Culturally responsive teaching – Instilling in our teachers the knowledge and skills to infuse relevant, culturally-responsive teaching practices into the required K-12 curriculum

Hear two testimonials from Grand Rapids Public School District leaders

The results: Helping teachers with student success

Teachers enrolled in the College of Urban Education demonstrate incredible improvements in teaching proficiencies:

  • 43% increase in proficiency in demonstrating knowledge of content/pedagogy
  • 64% increase in proficiency in communicating with students
  • 64% increase in proficiency in managing classroom procedures
  • 105% increase in proficiency in using assessments in instruction

(Danielson data shows the range of increased impact Davenport urban education teachers had from 2018-2020 in their first 15-week semester in the program.)

Establishing great partners

The College of Urban Education is expanding its partnerships to include additional schools, districts, education associations, businesses, communities, and educational policy stakeholders in all major urban centers in Michigan.

  • Choice Schools Associates
  • Detroit Public Schools Community District
  • Fenton Public Schools
  • Integrity Educational Services- Hope Academy of West Michigan
  • Lighthouse Academies
  • Muskegon Heights Public School Academy System
  • National Heritage Academies
  • Pontiac Schools of Excellence
  • Pontiac Public Schools
  • Lansing School District
  • Kelloggsville Public Schools
  • Eaton RESA FUSE Partnership
  • Detroit Area Pre-College Engineering Program (DAPCEP)
  • Grand Rapids Urban League
  • Camp Blodgett
  • Grandville Ave Arts and Humanities Cook Art Center
  • New City Kids Grand Rapids
  • Positive Impact for Life Grand Rapids
  • STEM Greenhouse
  • Mary Free Bed YMCA- Grand Rapids

To support this important initiative visit davenport.edu/give-gift or reach out to us at advancement@davenport.edu or 616.233.3417.