Increasing scholarships 

Davenport’s goal is to ensure students graduate with the lowest amount of student debt possible.

Why are scholarships important?

In removing financial barriers, student success becomes more prevalent as they can focus on their education, particularly for students who have the highest financial need.

More than 92% of our students receive some form of financial aid for college
Davenport’s Foundation endowment supports over 600 students annually
total given in Foundation assistance
Number of new scholarships created in 2023

Scholarship Opportunities for Strategic Initiatives within Vision 2025

  1. First-Generation Scholarships
    Scholarships help retain first-generation college students year over year and increase their graduation rates.
  2. College of Urban Education Scholarships
    Undergraduate Degree Program Scholarships – Scholarships are needed to grow the number of students going to college to become teachers in urban districts.
  3. Casa Latina Scholarships
    Scholarships will increase access and retain a diverse bilingual student body. We aim to grow the endowed and annual scholarship support available to students within Casa Latina.

Ways to Give

  1. Endowed scholarships | $25,000+
    A minimum gift of $25,000 will endow and name a scholarship.
  2. Annual scholarships | $5000+
    A minimum gift of $5,000 will establish and name an annual scholarship that will impact students immediately.
  3. Annual gifts to General Scholarship | Any amount
    Scholarship gifts, of any amount, to Davenport’s General Scholarship Fund will provide immediate support and be allocated to students demonstrating financial need.

To support this important initiative visit or reach out to us at or 616.233.3417.