Casa Latina

Davenport is focused on serving the Latino/a/x community by providing dual language degrees leading to high-demand careers increasing bilingual top talent who are equally fluent in English and Spanish to strengthen Michigan’s workforce in business, healthcare, education, technology, and the sciences.

What is Casa Latina?

Casa Latina is a new approach to higher education utilizing dual language methodology across its curriculum to help students become experts in their chosen field and professionally proficient in both English and Spanish. Learn more

Latino/a/x community: fastest growing and the least represented in higher education
Spanish is the second-largest language spoken in the U.S.

Beginning in Fall 2024 Casa Latina will offer:

  • Career-oriented academic degree programs taught via dual language methodology and geared toward high-paying careers delivered through our Global Campus
  • Bilingual, bicultural student support, and services including admissions, financial aid, advising, counseling, bursar’s services, tutoring, and library services
  • Community outreach and partnerships to improve access and support for the Latino/a/x community
  • Multicultural and equity training for Davenport staff and faculty

Community engagement

Our team is creating an advisory board that will include community stakeholders to:

  • Ensure Casa Latina is civically interwoven into the fabric of the community to develop a pipeline for Latino/a/x enrollment
  • Provide Latino/a/x college students with support from social networks and resources
  • Provide bilingual internships and post-graduation employment for Latino/a/x students

Who can benefit from Casa Latina:

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To support this important initiative visit or reach out to us at or 616.233.3417.