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Scholarships from Davenport University


Davenport will be with you every step of the way to help finance your education.

Davenport awards more than $15 million in institutional and Foundation scholarships each year. More than 95% of our students receive financial aid. Once accepted, all applications are automatically reviewed for scholarship eligibility. Apply early for the best scholarship opportunities. You must complete your free application for federal student aid (FAFSA) at as soon as possible to be eligible for a scholarship and to maximize your financial aid availability.
Note: Most Davenport scholarships are disbursed toward tuition, fees and books after all federal and state aid (excluding student loans) has been applied. External scholarships can be used to cover other University costs such as books or on-campus room and board. The scholarship payment process will not result in a refund to the student.

2017-18 Academic Year Awards

Awards are based on high school or college GPA. ACT or SAT scores are also required to determine eligibility for incoming freshman and transfer students.

Undergraduate Students

Name of Scholarship
Renewal Requirements
Gerald R. Ford Memorial Scholarship
Full Tuition
3.75 GPA and 1430 SAT or 31 ACT
3.60 GPA
Martin Luther King Inherit the Dream Scholarship
Up To Full Tuition
2.0 GPA
Maintain Standards of Academic Progress
Si Se Pueda Cesar E. Chavez Scholarship
Up To Full Tuition
2.0 GPA
Maintain Standards of Academic Progress

Davenport's committment to helping students fund their education also includes the scholarships listed below. These scholarships are awarded automatically based on the student's application and required qualifications. 

Name of ScholarshipAwardQualificationsRequirementsRenewal Requirements
Trustee Scholarship$12,500
3.90 GPA or
1400 SAT & 3.5 GPA or
30 ACT & 3.5 GPA
New High School Student3.60 GPA
Titanium Scholarship$6,000
3.75 GPA or
3.0 GPA with 1320 SAT or
3.0 with 28 ACT
New or continuing undergraduate student3.40 GPA
Platinum Scholarship$4,0003.5 GPA or
3.0 GPA with 1140 SAT or
3.0 with 23 ACT
New or transfer undergraduate student3.20 GPA
Gold Scholarship$3,000 
3.2 GPA or
3.0 GPA with 1070 SAT or
3.0 GPA with 21 ACT
New or transfer undergraduate student3.00 GPA
Silver Scholarship$2,000
2.8 GPA or
2.0 GPA with 1070 SAT or
2.0 GPA with 21 ACT
New or transfer undergradute student2.50 GPA
Alumni Scholarship$500 DU Alum in good standingAny DU program graduate continuing their educationMaintain Standards of Academic Progress
Community Leader Scholarship$1,500Employed with a company that is in good standing with the Chamber of Commerce.

Any student


Not automatically renewable
Study Abroad Scholarship$1,000 
3.0 GPA
30+ Credits completed at Davenport
Faculty Reference Required
Continuing StudentNot automatically renewable

Graduate Students

Name of ScholarshipAwardQualificationsRequirementsRenewal Requirements
Medallion Scholarship$2,0003.8 GPANew Graduate student3.50 GPA
Scholars Scholarship$1,5003.5 GPANew Graduate student3.20 GPA
Graduate Scholarship$1,0003.0 GPANew Graduate student3.00 GPA
Alumni Scholarship$500DU Alum in good standingAny DU program graduate continuing their educationMaintain Standards of Academic Progress
Community Leader Scholarship$1,500Employed with a company that is in good standing with the Chamber of Commerce.

Any Student


Not automatically renewable

Davenport Foundation Scholarships

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Generous Donors Support Your DU Success

Davenport University awards scholarships funded by private donations to the Davenport University Foundation. These scholarships are awarded based on campus location you attend and/or special requirements established by the donors.
You are invited to apply, and we hope you will. Once you've submitted the application and you meet the criteria, you will be considered for our Davenport University Foundation scholarships. If you are selected to receive one of our Davenport University Foundation awards, we will notify you! 


Read each question carefully and complete all areas of the application. 
  • Complete the FAFSA if you have not yet done so. Data from the FAFSA is used in the awarding process for various scholarships.
  • Applications will be accepted throughout the academic year; however, scholarships are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis to students enrolled half-time or more. Continuing students must have a minimum CGPA of 2.8. Primary consideration will be given to earliest applicants meeting the scholarship criteria.
  • Submit your Online Foundation Application.
  • Completing this application does not guarantee scholarship funds.
  • Some of the Foundation Scholarships require essays. To see the essay requirements and how to apply click here.

Foundation Scholarship Application

Community Foundation Scholarships

Nearly every county in the State of Michigan has a community foundation that provides scholarships to students.  Davenport encourages students to research their local community foundation and learn how to apply for these scholarships.
Community Foundation Scholarships

Other Scholarship Options

There are many scholarship search engines available for students to use. These search engines can pinpoint scholarships based on your particular major, interests, where you live and other demographics. The links provided are some of the most popular and useful search engines.

Quick Links

Helpful hints for online searches:

  • Do not pay for a scholarship search. The search options Davenport lists are free searches; however, we encourage students and parents to read carefully all the information.
  • Do not pay to apply for a scholarship. Do not pay for any kind of "processing" fee. Scholarships offered from legitimate sources do not require any fees.
  • Set up a separate email account through yahoo, google, hotmail or some other service. Use this separate email just for your scholarship searches. Some scholarship searches do send out advertisements, and using an email account separate from your personal account will better protect your personal account from unwanted emails.
  • Research scholarships beyond just what the search engines provide.
  • Be very careful about providing confidential information. You should never have to submit your social security number or anything similar to that. If in doubt, contact your Davenport financial aid counselor.