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Nursing Department

Nursing Department

Mable Engle Nursing Programs

The Mable Engle Nursing Programs (Nursing Program)  comprises one of the four  divisions within the College of Health Professions. The Nursing Programs include MSN, BSN- Completion, Bachelor of Science in Nursing - Pre-licensure (BSN-PL), and Diploma in Practical Nursing (PN). There are currently four locations throughout Michigan for in-seat instruction, as well as online, offering the Nursing curriculum.  The program is offered in Grand Rapids, Warren, Lansing and Midland. The composition of the nursing student body at each location reflects its surrounding community in terms of race and ethnicity.

For more information, please refer to the Davenport University Undergraduate Catalog, Graduate Catalog and the College of Health Professions Handbook.

Faculty and Staff

Work for Davenport

At Davenport, we're always looking for the best and brightest to join our teaching team. Our students benefit from learning from professionals working in the field.

We have a number of positions open for adjunct faculty at several of our campuses for Spring/Summer and Fall  semesters. Help future nursing students "get where the world is going" and apply to be an adjunct today.

Associate Dean: Amy Stahley MSN, RN

Interim Department Chair for Nursing: Kelli Leask, FNP, MSN, RN

Nursing Administrative Assistant: Randi Koogler


Associate Chair: Sue Offenbecker  EdDc,MSN, RN

Simulation Lab/Clinical Coordinator Lettinga: Deb Bosworth, MSN, RN

Faculty-  Margaret Smith, MSN, RN

Faculty Janine Blakeslee MSN, RN

Faculty Julie Polanic, MSN, RN

BSN-C- Faculty Online: Kelli Leask, MSN, RN


Associate Chair: Aleta Pillai MSN, RN

Simulation Lab and Clinical Coordinator: Vickie Welton, MSN, RN

Campus Faculty:

 Kim Garza, MSN, RN

Angela Berg, FNP, RN


Associate Chair: Shannon Krolikowski MSN, RN

Simulation Lab and Clinical Coordinator: Michelle Hagstrom, MSN, RN

Campus Faculty: 

Margaret Hovey MSN, RN,

Sarah Brooks, MSN, RN

Deanna Dubay, MSN, RN

Beverly Cook, MSN, RN



Associate Chair: Andrea Shaw MSN, RN

Simulation Lab/Clinical Coordinator: Amanda Binge MSN, RN

Campus Faculty:

Joann Harrison MSN, RN,

Sharon Long MSN, RN

Cherie Blondin, MSN, RN

Lynette Zigo, MSN, ANP-BC


Associate Chair Online MSN/FNP: Jean Gordon DBA, MSN, MAAC, RN

Associate Chair, BSN-C Online: Kelli Leask, MSN, RN.

Associate Dean Online: Kelly McCarron, Ed.D,OTR/L

Graduate Faculty MSN: Jessica Abernathy, MSN, FNP, WHNP, Certified Midwife

Graduate Faculty MSN: Dustin Spencer, DNP, NRP, RN, PMHS, NP-C, ENP-BC

Online Teaching and Learning Coordinator: Karen Benjamin