Student Accommodation Process

1. A student prints the necessary paperwork out located on the Student Access Forms page.

2. A student completes the forms and meet with their Student Access Coordinator to discuss the process and completed forms. Forms are forwarded to the Campus Life Coordinator for review. 

3. If there is NOT enough information to make a determination for accommodations requested, the Student Access Coordinator will request additional documentation from the student. Upon receiving necessary documentation from the student, Student Access Coordinator sends back to Campus Life Coordinator for reassessment.

4. The Campus Life Coordinator will review all documentation and create an individualized accommodation plan. The accommodation plan will be communicated back to the student via email through our Maxient system. The student will need to input their student ID in order to open the private communication and should save the PDF on their device once opened.5. Should a student like to adjust accommodations, the student would work with the Student Access Coordinator to do so at this time.

5. The student provides their IDA to each instructor in the classes the student would like to have accommodations provided.