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Advance in careers in business with hands-on, career-focused degrees in business.

Accredited by the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE), Davenport’s business college offers associate business degrees, bachelor of business degrees, master of business degrees as well as certificates. Take business classes Online+, earn an online MBA and so much more through Davenport’s Global Campus. You can also pursue degrees in business on one of our several campuses across Michigan.

IACBE accredited

All the degrees in business offered through Davenport’s business college are accredited by the IACBE. The business college also has specialized accreditation for accounting. So, whether you’re pursuing an online MBA, a degree in business management or a degree in accounting, choosing Davenport’s IACBE-accredited business college means you’re choosing a business college that follows principles of excellence and best practice in business education. 

Designed for optimal learning

Pursue business degrees in the Donald W. Maine College of Business, Davenport’s newest building on the W.A. Lettinga Campus. Designed to be similar to corporate office space, the business college has classrooms uniquely furnished and designed for learning and productivity. Experience private study rooms with televisions and comfortable furniture. The business college is also home to an atrium and the HUB, a quick-serve cafe with coffee brewed to order, smoothies and a variety of grab-and-go foods. 

Learn from business veterans

Prepare for careers in business through a business college that is led by industry experts. Davenport’s degrees in business feature real-world scenarios, interactive classrooms and moveable workstations that model real business environments. Through the business college’s intentionally small class sizes, you’ll receive personalized attention and 1:1 time with your professors — whether you’re pursuing a bachelor of business degree, a master of business degree, or any of Davenport’s other business degrees or certificates. See our faculty in action

Flexible and affordable degrees in business

Davenport’s IACBE-accredited business college values your career in business and will help you turn that experience into college credit wherever possible to save you time and money. Take classes for your degree in business full time or part time, on-demand online, Livestream (RTV) or on campus. With six start dates you can begin your degree in business at your convenience — not ours. No GRE or GMAT required for the online MBA or other master of business degree.


The Donald W. Maine College of Business, through innovation, continuous improvement and quality initiatives, will enhance its reputation as a global leader in business education.

Explore Davenport’s degrees in business 

Check out the many certificates and degrees in business offered through Davenport’s IACBE-accredited business college. If you have questions about Davenport’s degrees in business, please call us at 800.686.1600 or email us at


Learn the systematic process of identifying, organizing, recording, interpreting, measuring and communicating financial information through Davenport’s IACBE-accredited degrees in accounting. Help individuals and businesses effectively manage their financial information so they can achieve financial success through your certificate or degree in accounting from Davenport. And since accountants are needed in every industry, you’ll be prepared for careers in business and accounting with long-term success. 

Business Administration

Behind every successful business stands skilled, intelligent, empowering leaders - or "administrators." These individuals don't become skilled overnight; they are shaped into incredible leaders through their education and experiences. Those who study business administration are investing in becoming these leaders - they are studying the art of managing and operating a business and the people that work there.


Learn the ins and outs of investment processes and become an expert on acquiring and allocating funds to help organizations become more profitable through Davenport’s degrees in finance. You’ll prepare for careers in business managing substantial amounts of money, especially for large companies and government entities. By earning your degree in finance through our IACBE-accredited business college, you’ll develop into a financially knowledgeable leader and position yourself for success in careers in business. 

Human Resources

Oversee the hiring of new employees, help employees establish career direction and manage employee welfare through the human resources programs offered through Davenport’s business college. Our IACBE-accredited degrees in business will prepare you for a career in business as a human resource officer. Through our HR-focused degrees in business, you’ll learn to listen to employee concerns and speak to the changes companies can make to become a healthier and happier place for employees.

Operations & Supply Chain Management

In an effort to position our graduates for successful careers, Davenport is enhancing the Industrial Production Management degree program. Beginning in fall 2023, the Industrial Production Management (IPM) degree will become Operations and Supply Chain Management (OSCM). Students currently enrolled in IPM can continue and graduate with an IPM degree or choose to transition to the new OSCM. Students wishing to begin courses during the Fall 2023 semester may apply now for the Operations and Supply Chain Management program. 

Through the operations and supply chain management degree, you can ready yourself to tackle supply chain constraints with ease. The program will prepare you to drive change in the supply chain, uncover opportunities and implement change through data analytics, and understand cutting-edge technology like artificial intelligence and machine learning to impact every step of the supply chain. You will be poised to oversee the daily operations of manufacturing, warehousing, and storage, materials management, as well as coordinate, plan, and direct the activities involved in sourcing, procurement, and development of functions used to produce a wide range of goods, such as automobiles, computer equipment or consumer products.


Prepare for careers in business in multiple areas through Davenport’s management-focused degrees in business. Learn to efficiently manage resources, organize and coordinate projects and effectively communicate with others. Break into the business world or advance your career in business by gaining management skills that are applicable to every industry through our IACBE-accredited business college.


Learn how to effectively reach consumers to generate interest in products and services through Davenport’s marketing-focused degrees in business. Offered through our IACBE-accredited business college, Davenport’s marketing degree can lead to a diverse field of marketing careers in business ranging from strategy and analytics to design. With an array of career paths and a consistent need for quality marketers, your degree in marketing can lead you to long-term, high-paying careers in business. 

Sport Management

Prepare for sports-focused careers in business through Davenport’s bachelor of business administration in sport management degree. Delivered through our IACBE-accredited business college, Davenport’s sport management degree provides you with a wide range of courses and hands-on experiences (including two internships) so you’re ready for work in the real world of sports — and business. Through this BBA, you’ll gain business skills in accounting, marketing, IT and more that will help you rise above the rest as you start your career in business. 

Business Analytics

Prepare for a career in business analytics. Learn how to make better business decisions by helping businesses sort through datasets to identify trends and establish relationships. Gain hands-on experiences in the classroom, such as conducting data mining projects, generating data visualization products and building data dashboards and automated reports.