Frequently Asked Questions

Are admission standards modified for students with disabilities?

No, admission standards are the same for all students applying to Davenport University. You must meet the same admission and program standards as other students. Students with disabilities follow the same admissions procedures as any student would when applying to Davenport University. 

What is the Student Access accommodation process and how do I request accommodations?

Students may request reasonable accommodations as a result of a qualifying disability as defined by federal legislation within the Americans with Disabilities Act (1990), the Americans with Disabilities Amendments Act (2008), or Section 504 of the Vocational Rehabilitation Act (1973). It is a students’ responsibility to contact a Student Access Coordinator at their campus to initiate and fulfill the accommodation process.

Students should contact the Student Access Coordinator as early as possible in order to have proper documentation ready for faculty at the start of the semester. In order to fulfill the accommodation process, please: 

  1. Download the Verification of Disability form and have your medical provider complete pages 2 - 4. If you already have a 504 plan or IEP, you do not need to complete the Verification of Disability form. 
  2. Upload the completed Verification of Disability form, or similar medical/religious documentation here
  • If there is NOT enough information to make a determination for accommodations requested, the Student Access Coordinator will request additional documentation from the student to re-submit.
  • If there is sufficient documentation, the Student Access Coordinator will review the documentation and create an individualized accommodation plan. The accommodation plan will be communicated back to the student via a Maxient email with the Individual’s Documentation of Accommodations (IDA). Accommodations are valid for one year.

3. Provide your IDA to each instructor in the classes that you would like to have accommodations provided.

  • You can request adjustments to the IDA at any time by contacting the Student Access Coordinator. Additional medical documentation may be necessary.
  • If you wish to appeal your accommodation plan, you can do so in writing to Dr. Joe Bishop, ADA Coordinator for the university.

How do I know who the Student Access Coordinator is at my location?

Contact the Campus Life Coordinator at

How can I receive the information in an alternate format? 

Contact Kassy Clark, Campus Life Coordinator, at (616) 554-5184 or

Does Davenport University have special education classes for students with disabilities?

No, Davenport provides accommodations for students within the general educational setting based on disability and a student's needs. Davenport University will provide reasonable accommodations, as deemed appropriate and in accordance with state and federal guidelines, by providing access that allows equal participation in University programs and activities. 

How will I know if I am eligible to receive reasonable accommodations?

After reviewing the request and proper documentation, the Student Access Coordinator will meet with you. If you are eligible for services, you will receive an Individual's Documentation of Accommodation (IDA) which will state the accommodation(s) and services you are eligible to receive. You are then responsible for communicating your accommodations via the IDA to your faculty as needed. The Student Access Coordinator can act as a liaison with faculty and other campus departments to assure compliance.

Should I contact my instructors first and let them know I need accommodation?

No, your first step should be to work with your Student Access Coordinator to submit the appropriate paperwork. If approved for accommodations, you will receive your Individual Documentation of Accommodation (IDA) each faculty member  

How early should I ask for services?

Davenport asks that you request services at least six weeks before you intend to begin classes at the University. However, Davenport will consider all requests regardless of when submitted. If you are seeking housing-related accommodations, we ask that your request be made before June to be considered for fall placements. 

Will I automatically receive services each semester?

After you have gone through the accommodation process, you will receive an Individual's Documentation of Accommodation (IDA.) Generally, the Individual's Documentation of Accommodation (IDA) is valid for two academic years - some may be less depending on disability and situation. The "valid through" date will be listed on the IDA.

It is up to you as the student to speak with each instructor to coordinate receipt of accommodations. If needed, the Student Access Coordinator can act as a liaison at your request to assure compliance.

Upon expiration of accommodations, please contact your Student Access Coordinator for review and renewal of your accommodations. 

Is there a fee for requesting services?

No, students are not charged a fee for processing accommodations through Student Access. Students are responsible for the cost of obtaining required medical documentation establishing a covered disability and the need for accommodation. Approved accommodations generally will be given at no cost to the student.

Is my information and my disability kept confidential?

All disability-related documentation is treated as medical information and is retained separately from academic records. This information is shared only on a need-to-know basis within the institution. A portion of the Verification of Disability (VOD) form has a section for the release of information on it so the Student Access Coordinator can discuss information regarding academic adjustments, auxiliary aids, and/or accommodations related to your disability with relevant Davenport University academic and operations personnel to provide the desired support.

As a student, you have the right to determine with whom to disclose your disability.

Are opportunities for accommodations the same at each Davenport location?

Accommodations are individualized for each eligible student. Every effort will be made to provide an effective and reasonable accommodation at the location you attend. 

Who will advocate for me?

The Student Access Coordinator will provide guidance and support in implementing your Individual's Documentation of Accommodation (IDA). If you believe you are experiencing discrimination because of your disability, please advise your Student Access Coordinator or follow the complaint procedures outlined in the Student Handbook.

How do I advocate for myself?

Submit your documentation in a timely fashion. Make sure that for every class you feel you need accommodations, that you privately meet with the instructor at the start of the session and go over your Individual's Documentation of Accommodations (IDA). Communicate effectively. Familiarize yourself with University policies and procedures. Contact your Advisor or the Student Access Coordinator if you have any problems or difficulties.