Learn to effectively teach and lead in urban schools 

Develop the tools and the confidence you need to be an urban educator who can tackle urban education issues within the classroom, building or school district.

Helping all children succeed academically begins with learning strategies that meet students where they are. Davenport University offers bachelor's, master's and certificate programs in urban education to develop culturally responsive teachers and educational leaders. Whether you're studying to become an urban educator or school administrator, gain the skills that promote equity, creativity and opportunity for all children through urban education degree programs.

Introducing the NEW Bachelor of Science in urban STEM education

With Davenport’s unique approach to curriculum, you’ll receive weekly mentoring and coaching in the classroom and discover how data analytics can refine your teaching as you continue to learn. This degree program will help you build a solid foundation in teaching to improve student achievement in literacy, mathematics and science; increase student attendance; and improve your confidence as a new teacher. Learn more at davenport.edu/STEMeducationBS.

Expedite your path to teaching and leading through alternative routes to certification

Take an alternative path to teacher and school administrator certification at Davenport. Our urban education graduate certificate allows you to receive an interim teaching certificate to teach in Michigan schools while you fulfill credential requirements. Our urban education leadership graduate certificate provides an alternative route to school administrator certification. Whichever path you choose, you can apply your credits toward a master’s degree in urban education at Davenport.

Learn from urban education experts

Grow as a professional and an educational researcher when you learn from Davenport’s experts in urban schooling. Benefit from mentors, coaches and partnerships with local school districts — and from learning alongside other urban educators who share their unique perspectives with you. 


The College of Urban Education envisions teachers, educational leaders, and systems that sustain equity, creativity and opportunity for urban communities.


If you’re pursuing teacher certification at Davenport, consider applying for a Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grant. A TEACH Grant is designed to help you pay for college if you plan to become an urban educator in a low-income school district. 

Start a FUSE Club in your community

Ignite a passion for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education in your community. The College of Urban Education has partnered with school districts across Michigan to launch local FUSE Clubs within their communities. The Future Urban STEM Educators (FUSE) initiative, developed with grant support from the National Science Foundation and the Herman Miller Cares Foundation, addresses STEM inequities in underserved communities by introducing high school students to the wonders of STEM teaching.

Explore Davenport's urban education programs

Prepare to become a highly effective urban educator and leader through Davenport's College of Urban Education. Explore the urban education master's, bachelor's and certificate programs below to see which best fits your urban schooling goals. If you have questions about Davenport's degrees in urban education, please call us at 800.686.1600 or email us at info@davenport.edu.

Urban Education

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education emphasizes capabilities in research, critical thinking, collaboration, problem-solving and creativity. With a Bachelor of Science in urban STEM education from Davenport University, you can develop a deep expertise in STEM instruction while learning culturally responsive teaching strategies that empower students intellectually, socially and emotionally. While this program will equip you to teach diverse populations in urban schools, the knowledge and skills you acquire will prepare you to succeed in all primary or secondary educational settings.

Already have your bachelor's? Expand your knowledge with Davenport's master of urban education degree or take an expedited path to your teacher certification through Davenport's alternative route to teacher certification to prepare yourself with skills needed in today's urban schools.

Urban Education Leaders

Prepare to become a high-performing, transformative leader in urban schools and districts. Through Davenport's cultural intelligence assessments and learning modules, you’ll gain insight into internal bias and systemic inequity. Leadership topics such as human capital management, instructional core transformation and strategic improvement will focus on the unique needs of urban school environments. Learn strategies to help improve student engagement and performance in urban schools. An urban education leadership degree is based on best practices and intentionally aligned with national Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (PSEL) and the Michigan Standards for the Preparation of Building Administrators.