Hands-on learning for in-demand tech careers 

Prepare for in-demand, fast-paced technology careers

Earn an associate, bachelor’s or master’s degree — full or part time, Online+ or on campus — and gain a competitive edge for jobs with a degree in information technology and related areas. Plus, the Davenport University College of Technology is now offering stackable certificates that allow you to earn resume-boosting recognition and apply the credits you earn to one of the program's subsequent associate, bachelor or even master-level programs.

Designated CAE-CDE

What makes us one of the top technology colleges in the country? Davenport is a registered Cisco Academy and one of only a select number of schools in Michigan designated a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education (CAE-CDE) by the National Security Agency (NSA) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS). 

Learn from technology pioneers
You’ll learn from leading technology faculty who are also industry experts. You’ll benefit from hands-on learning opportunities — from internships to projects — that are woven throughout all of our IT degrees, computer degrees and other program offerings. You’ll also have access to state-of-the-art software and equipment — on campus or Online+. 

Full-tuition scholarships and guaranteed jobs
In addition to Davenport University’s generous financial aid packages, you could also earn full-tuition scholarships and guaranteed jobs through National Science Foundation (NSF) or DoD Cybersecurity initiatives, including the Cybersecurity Scholarship Program and S-STEM Scholarship Program. Not to mention, many of our degrees in information technology qualify for Davenport’s Employment Guarantee.

Explore Davenport’s IT degrees, computer degrees 
Take a deep dive into the college for technology degree programs listed below and see which one best fits your goals. If you have questions about Davenport’s degrees in information technology, please call us at 800.686.1600 or email us at info@davenport.edu.

Computer Science

Open doors to a wide range of careers through Davenport’s innovative computer degrees. Our 3D printing, networking and artificial intelligence (AI) labs give you hands-on, interactive experiences led by Davenport’s faculty experts. Our computer degree programs introduce you to topics ranging from algorithmic and applied theoretical foundations to cutting-edge developments in areas such as computer vision, AI, modeling and simulation. You can also choose from three emerging specialties. 


Learn the latest cyber techniques and trends through IT degree programs that deliver a unique blend of business and technology. You’ll earn your degree from a top technology college that is a DHS/NSA nationally recognized Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education. Be the first in line for jobs with a degree in information technology when you learn from industry-experienced leaders who are connected to the cyber community. 

Networking Technology

Go beyond a typical computer programming degree or software developer degree to gain the computer and technical skills to effectively apply networking solutions in today’s business world. As one of the top technology colleges in the country, Davenport delivers hands-on learning in well-equipped labs through IT-focused computer degrees that are aligned with networking standards and vendor certifications from Microsoft, Cisco and CompT.

Computer Information Systems

Work with corporate leaders to analyze information needs and determine ways to use computer systems to meet those needs through Davenport’s computer degrees. Interested in a computer programming degree? Choose the bachelor’s degree with a programming specialty. Want a software developer degree? Our secure software development specialty is for you. We also offer a computer degree with a specialty in database and data analytics. 

Technology Project Management

Prepare for a variety of management positions in the tech field through courses that integrate in-depth project management practices with accounting, finance, production, computer networking and computer information systems (CIS). You can refine your focus for your future career by selecting a specialty in networking, CIS, information security, health information management and accounting information systems — or create an individualized specialty through this customizable IT degree. 

Data Analytics

Become an in-demand data manager, data analyst, consultant, business and marketing analyst or other jobs with a degree in information technology. Beyond learning the technical data skills, this degree will also teach you how to best communicate data analytics to nontechnical audiences. Delivered by one of the top technology colleges, this IT degree builds on your experience but is also designed for students new to the field of data analytics.