Getting you to the world's fastest growing careers

Davenport University's Vision 2020 Goal is that up to 25% of all Bachelor Degree Programs Become Included in the Employment Guarantee Program

This program reinforces the University's commitment to offering degrees that help students "Get Where the World is Going" in growing career fields through the best practices used by successful alumni in order to meet employer expectations.

Students who meet Davenport's requirements in the following program areas will be eligible for additional education benefits if they are unable to obtain employment within six months of graduation.

List of qualifying majors

To be eligible for the DU Employment Guarantee, students must acknowledge that they are aware of and understand the criteria and benefits listed below, please read carefully and contact Career Services if you have any questions.

Employment Guarantee Criteria

To be eligible to receive the benefits of Davenport University's Employment Guarantee, graduates must:

  • Achieve a final GPA of 3.00 or better within their major and overall and have completed the program within 6 years of starting
  • Be legally eligible for employment in the U.S
  • Be willing to travel or relocate to new market (with health and disability considerations) to obtain employment within field
  • Have a documented job search beginning no later than 2 semesters prior to graduation which includes no less than 50 customized resumes and cover letters spanning geographic markets and industry sectors
  • Not have a criminal background, which prevents employment within chosen field (Nursing = Clean Background Check)
  • Be in good financial standing with DU
  • Have successfully completed an internship, practicum or clinical experience, on/off-campus work study employment, or employment consisting of a minimum of 150 hours relative to chosen field
  • Have demonstrated participation in two (2) years or four (4) semesters of regular involvement in at least one significant on- or off-campus extracurricular activity such as a pre-professional or professional society, a registered student organization (RSO), DU varsity, club or intramural athletics, or other qualified and Career Services-approved volunteer activities
  • Have worked directly with Career Services within two (2) semesters of attending Davenport University and have actively pursued and demonstrated competency in the Career Services Professional Development Plan Checklist
  • Have completed the application for Employment Guarantee between six months and one year of graduation date if graduate has not obtained employment nor has entered a graduate degree program

Davenport University Commitment

For students who have achieved the standards of this agreement and are not employed within six (6) months of graduation, Davenport University will offer any and all of the following items based on an assessment of student need:

  • Evaluation of student development areas and creation of an action plan to address those areas
  • up to a maximum of 48 credits (a value of $32,000 based upon 2016 tuition rates) and does not include the cost of textbooks, course fees, residence hall or living accommodations, or fees for taking certification tests
  • Continued engagement in on-campus and off-campus recruiting opportunities relative to the student’s professional area

Employment Guarantee Benefit

If you have graduated and not found employment in your field or career of choice within six months of graduation, you may be eligible to receive the Employment Guarantee Benefit. Your Career Coach, program Department Chair and Advisor will review your benefit application and confirm your eligibility and follow up with you to assure you receive the support you need.