Become well versed in technology and business

Bachelor of Science - Computer Information Systems (120 credits minimum)

We prepare our computer information systems students to become developers who understand the processes necessary to succeed in any business environment. Throughout the program, we will ensure your proficiency in at least three types of high-demand programming languages, including Java, C++ and C#.

With the addition of courses in finance, project management and data analytics, you'll graduate with the technological skills of a developer and the mindset of a business manager. 

Along with the computer information system's degree, you'll have the option to enhance your degree with one of the four specialties outlined below.

Web and Mobile Development Specialty

Learn the language of web design that leads to careers creating a variety of interactive web content for business and industry. You will develop skills in artwork using layers, color commands, painting tools, filters, typeface design, and many other image techniques.

Programming Specialty

Write code and help create software programs for organizations. You will investigate enterprise resource planning (ERP), Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Business Process Modeling (BPM), and Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) in a global enterprise. 

Database and Analytics

Design, implement and verify data analytics models to support business requirements. Topics include data mining and warehousing, artificial intelligence, distributed architectures and inferential statistics

Secure Software Development

Apply the tools and methodologies to analyze and assess software and software system designs to detect
threats and vulnerabilities that if exploited, may cause the software to behave differently than intended.

Which class should I take? When should I take it?

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Certification Course Credit 

Do you hold any certifications in the technology field? If so, we offer you equivalent course credit to help get you started in your bachelor's program. Please visit our certifications page to learn more about your certification's eligibility.

Certifications Page

Mathematics minor

A mathematics minor is ideal for those who want a deeper and broader background in mathematics, and provides you with a competitive edge in the job market. Gain a solid foundation in applied mathematics that provides you with the necessary knowledge and skills for careers in technology. Speak with your advisor about adding this option to your degree plan.