One degree, many career paths

Bachelor of Science - Legal Studies (120 credits)

Davenport’s Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies prepares you to enter law school or to immediately engage in a wide variety of legal careers in business settings.

  • Excellent pre-law degree for those planning to attend law school
  • Emphasis on legal research and process
  • Tuition scholarships from law firms and professional organizations available.

The BS in Legal Studies can be completed in-seat only to provide you with the necessary hands-on experience required to prepare you for professional opportunities in this field.

The BS in Legal Studies is offered at our W.A. Lettinga Campus in Grand Rapids and at our Lansing Campus in Lansing Michigan

Which class should I take? When should I take it?

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Opportunities available include the following:


Graduates from Davenport’s American Bar Association Approved Legal Studies Program have the legal research, writing and critical thinking skills necessary to excel in law school. 


Paralegals conduct investigations, do legal and factual research, draft documents and help prepare for and present at trials all under the supervision of attorneys. Although they cannot give legal advice, paralegals are an important part of the legal team.

Legal Work in Business and Other Settings

While working in an attorney's office is an option, graduates also work in a number of other legal settings. Some of these are as follows: 

  • Corporations                                                 
  • Title Insurance Agencies
  • Government Agencies                                  
  • Insurance Companies
  • Courts                                                           
  • Hospitals and Healthcare Systems
  • Financial Institutions                                    
  • Non-profit Organizations