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Start your educational journey by knowing exactly what you’ll pay for Davenport University tuition and other college costs.

We’re committed to keeping your college expenses down, beginning with Davenport University tuition — the third lowest among private colleges in Michigan. Davenport can connect you with financial aid as well, which 92% of our students receive a scholarship or gift aid that, unlike student loans, does not have to be repaid. That includes the more than 250 Davenport and Foundational scholarships we award each year, totaling $30 million. Unlike student loans, these funds do not have to be repaid.

Explore this page to learn more about the resources to help you estimate and plan for Davenport University tuition and other college costs. If you have questions about tuition, fees or other college expenses, contact us at or 800.686.1600

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Estimate college costs with our net price calculator

Plan for tuition, fees, housing, books and other college expenses with the Davenport net price calculator. This easy-to-use tool will estimate your college costs, including your DU tuition, and your eligibility for financial aid, including scholarships, grants and loans.


Lower your college expenses with Davenport scholarships

Qualify for financial aid that you don’t need to pay back. Davenport annually awards $30 million in merit- and need-based Foundation scholarships as well as Davenport University scholarships. Questions? Contact our financial aid team.


Enroll in an automatic college payment plan

Simplify paying for tuition, fees and other college costs with a college payment plan. Once your college payment plan is set up, monthly payments for college costs like your DU tuition are automatically deducted from your account over the semester.

Our tuition is one of the lowest among Michigan private colleges
Explore 250+ national, Michigan and Davenport scholarships
92% of our students receive a scholarship or gift aid that, unlike student loans, does not have to be repaid

2024-2025 Davenport University tuition and fees

To help you estimate tuition, fees and other college costs, Davenport shares these charts. You’ll find information on college expenses for undergraduate and graduate students as well as academic programs that have separate fees. Charts for undergraduates and graduates include online tuition per credit. 

Note: You must pay tuition before the start of the semester using a money order, personal check, charge card or college payment plan. For credit- and debit-card transactions, Davenport charges a 3% convenience fee, which you can avoid by using an electronic check or other payment options.

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