The university's newest home for athletic events

Located just a mile down the road from campus.

The Farmers Insurance Athletic Complex was originally built in 2013 and recently expanded in 2016. While many of our students train and practice in the Student Activity Center, this complex is the main host site for our football, track and field, baseball, softball, tennis and soccer events.

To inquire about facility rentals please email Andrejs Ruperts at or Melanie Loughin at

Football, soccer and track and field stadium

The stadium at Farmer's Insurance Athletic Complex can seat up to 2,000 spectators and is also home to offices for coaches and support staff, various meeting rooms and locker rooms, an athletic training room and a new weight room for group and team workouts.

drone photo of turf football field
students and fans in football stadium seating
student on track doing hurdles
students in weight room lifting dumbbells

Baseball and softball fields

The new, artificial turf baseball and softball fields were made for visitors with the ability to seat up to 300 and 200 spectators respectively.

turf softball field and stadium seating
softball team on turf softball field
turf baseball field with DU logo
turf baseball field with stadium seating

Tennis courts

The Farmer's Insurance Athletic Complex is also home to eight of the university's tennis courts and they too have plenty of room for visitors and spectators.

outdoor tennis courts
outdoor tennis courts