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DU Dining FAQs
Where do I purchase meal blocks or deposit more money into my Panther Dollars accounts?

You can do all of these transactions at the DUposit page.

What happens to my left over Panther Dollars?

Panther Dollars can be used throughout your Davenport University career. They never expire throughout your time at the University.

What happens to the dining dollars I don’t use?

Dining Dollars expire at the end of each semester.

What if I don’t use all of my available meals?

Meal plans reset Sunday night at midnight.  Depending on the plan selected, you have 7 days to utilize the total number of meals.  These meals can be used anytime the Dining Hall is open.  They do not carry over to the next week or the next semester.

The 120 block is a housing requirement for Cook & Meijer Halls.  It is a declining balance plan that end on the last day of the semester.  These meals can not be saved or carried over into the next semester. 

The Lunch Blocks are the only meal plan that carries through as long as you are enrolled students or a member of Davenport Staff or Faculty. 

How do I check the balance in my account?

Your personal account information can be accessed at the DUposit page.

Can I use my meal plan to buy lunch for someone else?

The Platinum, Silver and Gold Plans are intended for use by the plan owner only.  You can use your Dining Dollars or Panther Dollars to buy a meal for a guest if you have these meal plans. 

Block plans allow for you to use your meals for yourself or anyone else.  However, when a block plan is used up, more meals must be purchased.

What if I have special dietary needs?

The Dining Services culinary staff is happy to assist you. Send us an e-mail or contact the Dining Services Office directly at 616-871-6752.  They will work with Executive Chef and culinary staff to assist you with your needs.

How are Dining Hall hours determined?

Dining Hall hours are set by the DU Administration, with guidance from Dining Services and Residence Life.

Based on DU Resident needs, and feedback through surveys and the Housing Advisory Team, it was determined we would better serve our customers with an all day dining operation. So, beginning in Fall 2011, the Dining Hall will serve meals throughout the day.