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We are here for you, literally. Our job is to help incoming students get past the paperwork, navigate everything that's new and put a plan in place. It can seem overwhelming to you, but it's what we do every day. So hand over your stress and we'll work together to make sure you have an amazing experience as a new Davenport University student!

It's what you've been waiting for. Life begins at Davenport! Check out our programs and plan a visit!

All roads lead to Davenport. You're on the right path to the future. We focus on giving you the education that top employers watch for.

Our graduate degrees reflect the latest market demands, designed to give you a competitive edge in your career. Earn your specialized degree online or in class to help you get where the world is going.

Davenport University is a Yellow Ribbon School! Our military experts will help put a plan together and give you the respect you've earned as you head in new directions.