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Integrative Professional Studies, BAS
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 Bachelor of Applied Science and Bachelor of Social Work at Davenport University.

Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) and Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)

What Does a Social Worker Do?

The primary mission of the social work profession is to enhance human well-being and help meet the basic human needs of all people, with particular attention to the needs and empowerment of people who are vulnerable, oppressed, and living in poverty (NASW Code of Ethics, 1996). Emphasis is placed on preparing students with a beginning theoretical understanding that will enable them to work with individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities. Attention is also placed on helping students to think globally/internationally in the field of social work. Students who complete the social work major will be prepared for graduate education. Social Workers work in a variety of settings including hospitals and clinics, nursing homes, community mental health clinics, private practices, state and local governments, schools, universities, substance abuse clinics, and military bases. Clinical social workers must have a Master’s Degree.

Employment Outlook

Employment of social workers is expected to grow by 25 percent from 2010 to 2020 and employment of child, family and school social workers is expected to grow by 20 percent, both projections faster than the average of all occupations during the same timeframe (US Bureau of Labor Statistics,

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Full Curriculum


The Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) Degree Program in Integrative Professional Studies prepares students to enter the social work profession in a variety of organizations including health and social services agencies. This is a unique program that partners with Kuyper College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The credits students take from Davenport University are transferred to Kuyper College where students complete additional coursework, leading to a nationally accredited Bachelor of Social Work degree, conferred by Kuyper College. Upon completion of the Kuyper coursework, a Bachelor of Applied Science in Integrative Professional Studies is awarded from Davenport University. The Bachelor of Social Work is fully accredited by the Council on Social Work

Which class should I take? When should I take it?
2016-2017 Recommended Program Sequence for Integrative Professional Studies, BAS and printable pdf download



Foundations of Excellence25 cr.
ACES100 or HLTH101Achieving Career and Education Success or Introduction to Health Careers3 cr.
BIOL120Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology4 cr.
COMM120Presentation Techniques3 cr.
ENGL109Composition3 cr.
ENGL110Advanced Composition3 cr.
MATH125Intermediate Algebra3 cr.
PSYC101Introductory Psychology3 cr.
SOCY101Introductory Sociology3 cr.
Interdisciplinary Major36 cr.
College of Arts and Sciences Courses(15) cr.
PSYC201Abnormal Psychology3 cr.
SOSC201Diversity in Society3 cr.
STAT219 or STAT220Introduction to Biostatistics or Introduction to Statistics3 cr.
ENGL311Professional Writing3 cr.
D.W. Maine College of Business Courses(9) cr.
BUSN210Professional Ethics3 cr.
MGMT211Management Foundations3 cr.
MGMT321Organizational Behavior3 cr.
College of Health Professions Courses(12) cr.
HLTH230Health Care Law and Ethics3 cr.
HSAD301Cultural Issues in Health Care3 cr.
PSYC127Healthy Living3 cr.
PSYC303Psychosocial Health Concerns3 cr.
Elective at 300 level or higher from any College(3) cr.
Kuyper Social Work Transfer Specialty42 cr.
Kuyper Bible and Theology Core Transfer21 cr.
Kuyper Cultural Immersion Transfer3 cr.