Davenport University Excellence System

The mission of Davenport University is to “prepare(s) individuals and organizations to excel in the knowledge-driven environment of the 21st century.” To that end, the Davenport University Excellence System was created. The Excellence System consists of nine student learning outcomes that demonstrate professional competencies necessary for graduates to engage in life-long learning and succeed in their chosen profession.

Excellence System Learning Outcomes

Global & Intercultural Competence
Graduates understand that working and succeeding in an inclusive, international world involves complex issues present in diverse environments. 

Civic & Social Responsibility
Graduates recognize the value of civic and social responsibility to empower themselves to make informed decisions and participate in the communities in which they live. 

Ethical Reasoning & Action
Graduates recognize that integrity is an essential component of accountability and is required in the evaluation of differing value systems to determine appropriate courses of action. 

Critical & Creative Thinking
Graduates develop an appreciation of the importance of context and perspective when identifying and challenging assumptions, ideas, processes, and experiences. 

Analysis & Problem Solving
Graduates use quantitative and qualitative methods of inquiry to assess and evaluate complex problems. 

Leadership & Teamwork
Graduates understand how to build, direct and facilitate groups in order to utilize members’ talents to meet attainable goals. 

Information & Technology Proficiency
Graduates identify, access and manage information and technology resources effectively in interpersonal, social, and professional settings. 

Written Communication
Graduates recognize the potential impact of written documents and effectively adapt the necessary skills to produce appropriate documents in a variety of interpersonal, social and professional settings. 

Professional Communication
Graduates understand and demonstrate professional demeanor, presentation and communication skills in a variety of interpersonal, social and professional settings.